Want to join the strongest alliance in the game, and get a massive sign on bonus?

Wow, so would I, that sounds like it would be really cool. Sign on bonus, imagine that!

Anyway, if you want to join a realistic team, Gramps’ Gladiators is looking for a few good men or women. We’re a tight crew, very active, currently taking down 8 star Titans. We just lost a few members due to illness and finals, so we find ourselves down 3 members. We’re looking for new members who are in it more for the fun of the game than the Ego of having to be number one. This alliance has been a training alliance from the start, most members joined at level 4 to 8, and are now level 30 to 40. We have members all around the world (though everyone speaks English), so there’s almost always someone on to chat to, about the game or life in general.

We ask three things of our new members: Participate in the game, participate in killing Titans, and participate in Alliance Wars. Because Alliance Wars has prerequisites, new members will have to be at least level 12, though we’d much prefer higher level players. Currently, our average member is right at level 30. If a new member doesn’t log into the game for 5 days straight, doesn’t attack 5 Titans in a row, or misses 3 Alliance Wars in a row, they will be let go. Stop in and check us out, just go to your Alliances tab and do a search for Gramps, we just started on a new 8 star Titan and could use some help!

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