Gramps' Gladiators looking for some new recruits!


Howdy folks, Gramps here, I just started a new alliance and I’m looking for some fresh recruits. My last alliance was stagnant, whenever a new Titan showed up, generally 15 or 16 members would fight it. There were some members that didn’t even log on for 15 to 29 days. The guy who started the alliance wouldn’t boot anyone, so I got fed up and started my own alliance. This is what I’d like my alliance to stand for:

Titan killing! - If you join my alliance, you will be expected to fight Titans. Of course everyone isn’t going to be able to fight every Titan, but if 4 or 5 Titans in a row show up and you don’t at least take a whack at it, you’re going to have 29 alliance members wondering why. No participation will eventually get you booted in favor of someone else who wants to fight Titans.

Participation - Titan killing is one focus of Gramps’ Gladiators, another is bettering yourself. You need to show up every once in a while and beat on some monsters! If you don’t even log in for a week, what’s the point of playing the game? If any members go absent, they will be kicked in favor of a new recruit who is eager to play.

Camaraderie - This alliance is open enrollment, so most likely there are going to be some folks joining who are new to the game. I’d hope the more experienced players will be willing to help the new grunts with some tips and tricks of the game. I’ve been in an alliance where no one talked to anyone, how boring! We’re not looking for someone who can’t shut up, just folks who are willing to help their fellow adventurers.

Leave your egos at the door - We’re not looking for a “top 10 elite only” alliance, where people with a higher rank look down on new folks, or even experienced players with a lower number of trophies, or someone with all 5 star fighters looking down on someone with all 3 star fighters. Everyone is equal in this alliance, and everyone deserves respect.

I think that’s about it. If you are out there to have fun and maybe aren’t having much fun in your current alliance, or you’re currently not in an alliance, are kind of new to the game and want to try an alliance out, hit your Alliance icon at the bottom of your screen, and on the next screen tap on the tab on the right that says “Alliances”. Do a search for Gramps, and you’ll find Gramps’ Gladiators. We’ve only got a few members so far, hopefully we’ll be growing quickly!


sounds good, for a first alliance :slight_smile: . new to the game but pretty active , I’m here to learn and help.


Welcome! Good job on that Titan!