Gramps' Gladiators is looking for new members!

Gramps’ Gladiators is looking for three new members. This alliance has been around for about 9 months, and just lost a few members, we’re hoping for replacements before the next war starts.

We are currently knocking down 7 star Titans with no problem, just killed out first 8 star not too long ago.

Requirements: We need help with Titans and Alliance Wars. We’d prefer someone level 25 and above, but will take on newer members (must be at least level 12 to participate in Alliance Wars). Participation is a must, in fighting Titans and Alliance Wars. Our members generally log in every day, members who “go missing” for 5 days or more are let go (with exceptions, like a note in chat letting everyone know you’re going on vacation or something). We almost always have a conversation going in chat, about the game or life in general, you’re welcome to join us but we have some quiet members too. We have members all around the globe, so there’s almost always someone on to talk to.

Don’t wait too long, positions in this alliance don’t open up very often, and fill up quickly! Just go out to your Alliance tab and do a search for Gramps.

Bump - Still looking for a couple of new members, this is a very good alliance, a very tight crew, if you’re looking for a new alliance, give us a try!