Version 58 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

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Release announcement:


Increased stats for covenant quest stages 8 - 10… whaaaat the…


No mention of Soul Exchange that I could find. They really need to let us in on their plans.

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Most interesting things for me are that increased stats for the last stages of Covenant. See above for @notyou87 's accurate response.

Also worth noting the

  • Added a warning popup for when an attempted Ascension or Level Up of a Hero will cause an existing Team to exceed the player’s Team Cost Cap


  • Blocked a loophole that could allow a Team exceeding the Team Cost Cap to be used

Does this mean that the team power might actually start being a thing again?

And we’re getting 3 aether reset tokens. Who knows if that’ll be enough? The dust is going to have to settle on the balance update before we know. I’d recommend saving them for a couple of weeks.


I was wondering about the team power thing a couple of days ago.

Lb and Lb2 kind of power up a bit. Not a fan of team power concept, but they can’t change much now with some players having a defence of 5xlb2, could they?


Why would they mention it ?

This is not a new feature.

It will be annonnced in the June Calendar if it will be held in June.


Hahaha we absolutely do believe you this Small Giant

But you missed something - “…they cant be purchased but instead we offer to you the great & tremendous opportunity to summon for those reset coins”



Hey @Petri is that you? Are you a real person? Is not your ghost?


We want Soul exchange, not new portals :rage::rage:


I’d think they wouldn’t want to - but it would fit in with the big balance update idea of providing a slightly more even playing field. (hahaha)

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Wonder if those completely op opera heroes will be featurd in solstice…

Power cap my ■■■ :sweat_smile:


I have question about this new behavior.
Do I understood this correctly ?
If the enemy has 1000 HP + 1000 boosted HP, and I reduce the max HP of him with 300, then will the result be 700 normal HP + 700 boosted HP ?

So max HP will be removed even if the hero will still have boosted HP afterwards.


I had the same question. The example only showed when the max health reduction was more than the boosted health amount.


I think it would leave the target at 1000 base HP + 400 boosted HP in your example. It is just applied twice with the first application (the newly introduced one) being capped by the current boosted health. The second application just works as it has always done.


When a target with boosted health is hit by a Special Skill that reduces max health by N, the Special Skill will now first remove boosted health by N (same value) and THEN reduce max health by N. Boosted health removal only applies to boosted health and cannot affect original max health.
EXAMPLE: If a target with 1000 original max health and 200 boosted health is hit by a Special Skill that reduces max health by 300, the target will become 700/700 (boosted health removal will apply first and take away the 200 boosted health — then max health reduction will apply and take away 300 max health).

why the complex on this!! why not leave it as it’s!!! that’s just so stupid

Covenant Quest stage adjustment
Increased enemy stats in stages 8–10

and that crap too it’s already difficult!!

why they always do negative things not positive things on game!!! all i see always same things every update not something you gain for urself on game to feel comfortable about it!!!


isn’t this just a ■■■■■■■■ version of the slayer’s passive? That is 50% flat DOT reduction. You need 3 of those heroes to get a extra 10% DOT reduction. And this is a family effect, it seems so mediocre

But I wonder since this is so specifically worded, does it also block Erlang Shen’s ailment?

Still no fix for Sneferu.

Does anybody understand if Path of Giants replaces Path of Valor or whether they are planned to coexist?



They will run in parallel and if I read the release notes correctly, then Path of Giants will start next Monday (same time as the next Path of Valor).