Version 58 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

A little something for almost everyone eh? Can’t miss the potential for a sale anymore :frowning:

BTW @PlayForFun - Thank you for always being around to help your forum friends


If not done already please fix Sneferu ability when combined with Milady De Winter, his buff blocker with damage for each attempted block reflects to own allies if Milady uses her Special first.

Sneferu seems to be fixed for me and others. Try him, see if he is for you too

Increasing free Aether Reset tokens to 3 is a welcome step……


Ok, I haven’t tried him in a week because there hasn’t been any info about a bug fix.

re the boosted health/max health changes… um… I guess my Fura will finally get some emblems… (she and Almur are my only max health reductors, so…)

Solstice Summon: at least it’s towards the end of June, I have enough time to save gems up for a 30-pull + some roster spaces…

seriously, making Covenant Quest more difficult? k. keep the mana speed reasonable please??

shudders at the thought of facing such beefy minions

drat. oh well, at least I got a good FS boost last Costume Chamber. and at least they clarified it is not a shadownerf. wish they had left this bug in though, it’s a beneficial one. but can’t fault them for fixing something that was not intended, I guess

The boosted health is designed to have this behavior:
If enemy has no boosted health, works like normal.
If enemy has boosted health but less than what you’re removing, it works like the first iteration of beta (remove all max health, then remove whatever you’re attempting).
If enemy has boosted health and more than twice than what you’re removing, then you remove twice as much overheal as the card says.

There are no seams, so edge cases in those scenarios are consistent.

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Yup. Caught my attention too.

It’s not easy as it is currently. Zynga wants players to summon current new OP heroes to “balance out” the boosted enemy stats in stages 8-10. Or at least 2LB more => spend some.


Can someone explain to me this

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I think they put a new line by mistake. Keep reading that sentence with the next bullet point.


Happy days for Camilla and Alfrike?

These were the three big things to me.
Boosted health changes and big balance update are something I’ll have to see how they play out.


I’ve been using him (Sneferu) and I could swear SG [inadvertently] added a buff dispeller that hits before or after the blocker.

I infrequently have matches that last long enough for him to fire. I could be totally wrong.

Looking forward to the alpha aether resets. I still have a few fully emblemed 5s I’ve not been able to feed away yet. Using those to take off the emblems plus getting the original LB items and feeders etc back will be great :grin:


As I read it you should end up with 700 base health + 700 boosted health, so 700/1400. At least that is what makes sense to me.

In their example it is 700 base health plus 0 boosted health so 700/700.

It is still a double whammy, the 300 health reduction ends up being 600 (or 500 in their example).

Still needs clarification though.

And TBH the “Improvements” made me guffaw.


I think it’s important to let the community know that Untold Tales of Atlantis will have a new portal, new heroes and mostly importantly, a NEW TOKEN. There’s a lot of Atlantis token deals on the Web Store, and I’m almost 100% sure they won’t work on the new portal.


The example they gave is confusing as it doesn’t clarify clearly… :man_facepalming:

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I think the example they gave was when all boosted health will be removed. So 1000 + 200 boosted health get reduced to 1000 as all boosted health is removed then 1000 - 300 = 700.


No, it needs a clarification because it’s not clear enough for some and it’s obviously creating confusion. Not everyone’s as “smart” as you Dansing :wink:

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:rofl: I dare not question your smart :wink: … I gracefully accept !