Version 27 Release Notes & Status


2020-02-20T08:20:00Z: We have now rolled out the update for both Android & iOS. Please update your game now from the App Store or Google Play!

Release Notes

  • Content for upcoming Story Season III added.

    • All new Season III Map. Explore the Nine Realms of Valhalla and fight new enemies.
    • New Provinces for Season 3 unlock monthly. The first province of Valhalla opens on Feb 27th.
    • Accessing the new story map requires player to have reached province 15 of Story Season II.
    • Season III stages can be completed on two different difficulty levels.
    • All Season III stages feature Runic Rocks; these are special tiles that can’t be moved but have a special effect when matched.
    • Some Season III stages also have special rules in effect.
    • The first completion of a Season III stage, on both difficulties, awards the player with Valhalla Coins.
    • Valhalla Coins can be used for free summons in the new Valhalla Summon.
    • Valhalla Summon is available for a limited time each month.
    • Valhalla Summon includes various new Season III heroes.
    • The available Season III Legendary Heroes, as well as the available Heroes of The Month, change each month.
    • Valhalla Summon includes a Bonus Ascension Item Chest that is awarded for every 10 summons.
    • New Missions for Season III added.
  • Monthly Valhalla Summoning portal event added with the following new heroes added to the mix:

    • Legendary Heroes:
      • Sif
      • Freya
      • Fenrir
      • Heimdall
      • Ratatoskr
      • Tyr
    • Epic Heroes:
      • Mist
      • Brynhild
      • Mireweave
      • Stonecleave
      • Sumle
    • Rare Heroes:
      • Ei-Dunn
      • Nordri
      • Kvasir
      • Bjorn
      • By-Ulf
  • And many more to come…

  • New heroes have a Realm Bonus!

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • The amount of Loot Tickets received from War Loot and Wanted Chests has decreased slightly.
  • Counter attacker’s base damage can’t be higher than the defender’s current health.
  • Fixed war bug that gave full points after fleeing while the final enemy is getting revived.
  • Marie-Thereses zombies not reviving as original characters when killed by counterattack damage fixed.
  • Hero Power sorting now sorts based on the most powerful version of the hero; regular or costume.
  • Fixed a bug in Path of Valor Challenge that requires you to complete stages with special properties. Now you must complete the stage for it to count.
  • Added an icon in battle when allies get damage from Gazelle dying.
  • Fixed a bug where some players didn’t see advanced building missions.