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Unlikely until after S3 is complete.

You’ll remember that AR only started 1-2 months after the final release of S2 provinces… We have 9 long months before it’s all released (assuming SG continue with 1 realm a month)

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well, if they follow that pattern, I hope for the first month of valhalla rising, easy 3:1 stages will cost 1 WE :smiley:

Thanks, just checked and had an update and got all my gems.

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How does that work trying to explain to somebody whats classed as a realm? Is it like 3-4 Provences are available that month then another 3-4 after that etc…

Yes a realm is a collection of provinces so possibly will get a new realm each month. Only time will tell exactly how the map pans out


Refer them to Zephyrs #beta-beat thread on the S3 map :slight_smile:


Ok cool thanks! Got it! :+1:


So. In the end, how long is the duration of the s3 portal/event? Does it last into march this month?

Seriously, SG’s communication skills… badly in needs of work. Last time, with Atlantis’ time move, all they did was a one liner apology and then stopped answering anything else. This should be unacceptable, especially when their revenue is so high. How can their customer service be so bad?

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That’s one of a few questions I’m trying to get an answer to.


Hi @zephyr1 did you get an answer from SG if it will run into March?

I did! Please see here: 📯 Season 3 Valhalla FAQ & Links


I take it still no sign of SH24?

No, it’s under discussion, but SH24 isn’t currently slated for release yet.

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Thanks! Lol, everytime I see an app update I curse myself for not having any iron stored up.


“ * The amount of Loot Tickets received from War Loot and Wanted Chests has decreased slightly.”

… and I was thinking we needed more.


Starting the 27th…

If, as with Atlantis, there is no WE discount during the publication period, it will take us at least a month to conquer 3 provinces, at least in the last provinces.

I am not the one to usually complain on the RNG screwups on raid attacks. But since the ver 27 launch the boards have been radically opposite to the heros we pick. I usually see this pattern once in 6 days and it gets better the next day. I have never lose 12 out of 15 raids on a single day ever since I game to diamond. I usually do a 3-1-1 strategy and pull off most of the attack. Also the opponents I see have been unrealistic since the update. Every opponent has a 15+ and 20+ mana troop. I now need ~15 rerolls to find a sane opponent. I am usually at 2450 cups and end up at 2700 after I finish the 6 raids. But I am ending up at 2300 cups as I am unable to win most raids I see. Even with opponents with < team power, The reason is usually bad tiles. A example that I can put forward is I took a purple mono on a opponent who had 3 yellow heros on the defense and on the launch had 0 yellow tile ,It took 6 moves before I got a purple comb and I had 1 hero left when I had the combo. Similarly I did a 3 green 1 red and 1 purple team to attack an aegir tank. 0 green tiles on launch and aegir went of thrice before I could charge cademon. I never lose against aegir tanks even on bad boards but I have been losing pretty bad. Imagine Justice going off thrice with a 8 crit troop. with a 3 1 1 purple attack. I wasn’t alone as 8 of my other alliance folks reported the same. And these guys are pretty high up the food chain. usually around 2600 cups overnight. Wanted to see if anyone else had the same observation.

Have you considered trying a more risk averse format like 2-2-1 or 2-1-1-1.?
Usually when you go against a team with 3-1-1 you will be at the mercy of the board RNG and with strong possibility of 2 elements having their tiles totally useless in the attack. Although same goes for 2-2-1 but it seems more impactful, in all 2-1-1-1 appeared much better.

And welcome to the forum by the way!

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