Version 27.0.0

@zephyr1 , @Petri Hi, Version 27.0.0 has already been released and there are no announcements on the forum yet, what’s new in this version?
Write an announcement please, really need that


Most likely Season 3 but we still have costumes. I guess tomorrow we will see announcement.

Could be I am wrong but this is what I think.

@Kitti what location are you? No update in UK yet

I am in Moscow :grinning:

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Updated in the UK.
There is bunch of new mission like convert to advanced mine etc

Yup, I got the new version too. The Play Store shows the following:

Defend your empire with new exciting features!

∙ Season 3 is approaching - prepare for an epic adventure to Valhalla and beyond!

  • Match the new Runic Rocks for special bonuses!
  • All-new Heroes of Valhalla join the game!
  • Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Also, got all the missing advanced building missions in arrears.


Sure it is for Season 3 . The clue is “It’s Raining Loot Tickets” offer in game .
When SG offer this then season 2 comes after it. They already run the Season 2 in February, it means this is for Season 3 :wink:


Exactly what I was thinking earlier this morning. High five. :pray:


Android players, try clearing cache of Google Play app if you don’t see the update yet.

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🧪 The Beta Beat (v27) – Season 3 Heroes, Provinces & Gameplay, Valhalla Summon Portal; Mar/Apr HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta. Link to beta beat v27.

I guess. They roll out both today & tomorrow. Then v27 will be available on next Monday. Then wadaaaaaa next Thursday will be Season 3 day :joy: Just a guess not an official info.

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I will take your word for it my friend. :slight_smile:


Nothing for iOS in the US so far. I’ve refreshed and restarted.

Version 27 Release Notes will be up soon! We just started to rollout the update for Android.


We are just way over excited about this release :smile:

Like the kids at Christmas :smiley:


I really hope S3 does not start this month. A lot of players already have Jean.

well guess again…
Now official announcment mentions Feb 27th.
So on the old spot where AR used to be.


How TF are we already complaining about S3.

Seriously. It’s the new content we have been waiting for.


:smiley: I really hope S3 does start this month. I don’t have Jean-F & not for lack of trying (35+ attempts) :cry: :smiley:


@petri & @KiraSG

Can we get confirmation on this sentence in the release notes:

  • The available Season III Legendary Heroes, as well as the available Heroes of The Month, change each month.

Does the HotM mean there is a RETURNING HotM? Or is it just referencing the fact you can get the current month HotM?

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