Version 25 Release Notes & Status


2019-11-15T08:20:00Z: A small patch has been made to the initial version; the rollout for Version 25.0.1 has been started and should be available for both platforms soon. Version 25.0.1 includes small bug fixes for performance and replaces version 25.0.0.

2019-11-13T08:58:00Z: We have now started the rollout of the update for iOS and Android.

Release Notes

  • Santa’s Challenge is back. Prepare yourself for the special Xmas Event in December!

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where defeated minions were still showing in UI.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies using revive talent sometimes turned invisible instead of transparent.
  • Fixed a bug where Marie-Therese’s and Atomos’ special skills didn’t always work correctly due to an issue of Stage Property in the final Season 2 stage.
  • Fixed a bug where Ursena’s and Mitsuko’s reflecting status effects were not blocking negative effects such as mana reduction.
  • Fixed a rare bug where some players didn’t receive Challenge event tier completion rewards.
  • Combining Alkashards doesn’t include Rare Ascension Items that can be received as loot from map stages as an option.
  • The color of the VIP dragon can now be changed to purple if the VIP pass has more than 30 days left. When the VIP pass has less than 30 days left the dragon will turn green.

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