Usefulness of alchemy lab?

I’m just wondering, since I am thinking the alchemy lab isn’t a priority, and will wait until I no longer prefer to use resources elsewhere. Can anyone tell me, if they using it, if they find it useful?

All I have heard from players and beta testers is DO NOT WASTE THE materials to build or research it PERIOD.


Yeah, I read all there is in the forums on it, and decided to leave until last, if at all. I just wondered, now people have been using it, if anyone had anything positive to say about it.

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From what I gather it’s pants in no hurry to get it myself!
I’ll get @Rook @zephyr1 @littleKAF @DaveCozy
To show yah what other people think of it :slight_smile:

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Be sure to share your feedback with SGG.

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Welp, looks like this is one building I will NOT be building. Really hoping hero academy turns out better than the alchemy lab.

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It is already discussed here:
Sadly, I was right about the Alchemy Lab not being useable for transmuting things

And not like as we hope:
PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab

So, IMO, I do not want build and research AL, I just focus to SH lvl 25, an waiting Hero Academy and hope it is good and worth.

But, if you dicide to use AL, It would be great sharing your experience here, because everyone has variety playstyle and also mode F2P, VC2P, C2P, P2W. Thanks.


I assume that means you’ve already read this thread: 🎲 Alchemy Lab FAQ, Discussion & Alkashard Calculator

As well as this one: Sadly, I was right about the Alchemy Lab not being useable for transmuting things

Most of those discussions are about the usefulness (or not) of Alchemy Lab since its release, as you’re asking about.

Presuming you’ve read those, what are you hoping for that would be different than those discussions?


Yes, apologies. I did read them, but not the most recent posts, and there is a lot to scroll through. As, most of it was negative, I just wondered if anyone had actually found it useful. It’s difficult to find what you are looking for, when there are so many posts.

If you don’t mind gem cost, levels 9 and 10 may be useful. 10 if you have uneven distribution of epic ascension mats (like I do - 2 Damascus but 7 Tomes of Tactics), 9 to run in the background for a surprising epic ascension mat at 5% chance and farming up alkashards twice a year for another one. It’s not awesome but it’s a progress.

Anything below that is awful and ridiculously more expensive than creating the item you are after directly in the forge. It’s officially the stupidest ‘new feature’ ever added in a mobile game.

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If you read through them fully, you’ll find an occasional post where someone indicates they find Alchemy Lab useful in some way.

But yes, it’s difficult to find those, because there are vastly more negative posts than positive ones.

If all you’re looking for are positive posts, there aren’t a ton to be found.

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The Alchemy Lab was a waste of resources for me. It takes too long to transmute, the resources needed to transmute are too much, and the amount of food and iron you have to invest to get it to lvl 10 is absolutely absurd.

Im trying to build mine up, but other things like emblem resets have put me behind. I have it at 8 now.

It will be worth it to me just to change epic items. I have so many rings that would serve me so much better if they were ANYTHING else (though tomes and blades would be best).

Alchemy lab is too expensive in terms of resources.
Just doing the second level research would practically empty all my food reserves and I have two food silos at lvl 20 plus two advanced at lvl 10.
It’s simply not viable as it is… I wouldn’t even further develop it once finished upgrading everything else, because I always have heroes to work on and upgrading it would deprive me of food.

SG needs to deeply rethink both alchemy lab and hunter’s lodge, they’re too expensive compared to what they bring you.


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