Unable to connect to server whilst using mobile data?

Evening all, just want to check if anyone else is having issues logging in whilst using mobile data? I have 18g of data left and my 4g is working perfectly in every other App. My problem is - middle of war and no wifi available as working. Any tips or just someone else to say yes i have the same problem would be appreciated.


Translation (Portuguese): São Paulo Brazil! I’ve been having the same problem since 2:00 PM!

I have exactly the same. Working fine on wifi, but not on 4G.

@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky There’s current activity related to connection issues in both this thread and:

E bem isso! Muito difícil !:sob:

Got exactly the same going on here. No mobile data connection to server even though my mobile data is working perfectly


Have been unable to connrct to server for about 6 hours so far…data is fine my end snd i can load my other gsmes snd utility apps perfectly

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Até mesmo depois que estou jogando aparece a mensagem de erro de conexão!:cold_sweat:

Same thing happened here at 3:34 -3:39 PST. Submitted support ticket.


Excellent! :sparkling_heart: Please let us know if you hear anything back.

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Will do!

20 characters <3

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I heard back…They treated it as any other connection issue (no compensation) but my flags & healing potions were restored back to levels before the crash mid-game. I’m happy with that. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you got a resolution that you’re happy with, and thanks for following up with an update!


I cannot connect using my mobile data it was fine until the recent update please help me we have war now I’m hoping for a quick response please it’s so frustrating please I’m begging please help

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Can you please help me all my other apps work since the update it loads comes up with the welcome message and hangs I have deleted restrarted reinstalled cleared cache checked for any tmp file etc I have enough data everything was fine and after the update I cannot access my accounts I have spent money and worked hard to earn my heroes please help me

Is there an issue am getting no response yet please let us know what is wrong why we can’t connect i am in South Africa and my carrier is Telkom I never had an issue before … we in the middle of a war since the update it’s just messed everything up please assist I spent so much money on this game … literally begging for help please

@Brad200909 The Forum is primarily for player peer support, and there’s not a lot we can do as fellow players to help you troubleshoot connection issues. None of us work for Small Giant (myself included).

I’d suggest trying the steps in this Support Article:


If you’d like to speak to Support directly, you’ll need to submit a ticket. Here are instructions for that:

For android OS, go to setting, check the apps permission. You have 2 option, Wifi and Data. Thick both. If you guys had been on wifi all this while, probably the Data option was thick off. Hence the game could not connect using mobile data.
Btw, I do experienced a weak connection after the most recent update. It cut off my connection in the middle of raid battle, which is quite frustrating.

Same here it happened recently I lost my gems and my flags in war the only work around I have found so far is to use a phone as a hotspot then it lets you log in then you switch off the hotspot and you can continue to use your data until the next time you want to log in, I have complained and I have made a ticket but no one got back to me or restored my gems on either of my accounts and no compensation for war I have spent so much money playing this game over a year … so it really sucks … guess they enough money now to worry about us … hope the info on the hotspot using another cell phone helps once you logged in you can turn the hotspot off …