Unable to connect to server

Has this happens to any of you? I am on vacation and have been able to connect to the game the first 2 weeks, through different internet connections. Now I am not able to connect I get the msg unable to connect to check my internet connection. I am connected and able to play other games…any ideas

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I started a trouble ticket and posted about this in the Bugs and Issues thread. Haven’t heard from the Dev’s yet.

@Azure please help me. Idk how tho. I haven’t been able to get passed the “connecting” stage at the beginning when you start the app. Already 16 days begging the developers to help me and no solution yet. I’m devastated, super sad and feeling extremely robbed. What shall I do?

@Polarisishtar, go to bugs and issues, select “new topic” Give SG your account number, build number, and current version of the game ie:12.1.6

It helps if you take a screen shot of the problem and attach it to your post.

Also @Petri in the body of the post to catch his attention. He’s a great guy and will help you soon.
Hopefully this will get you back on track.

Ever since the new update, I keep getting connection error despite strong WiFi and/or mobile data connection!

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I have this problem now, can not connect to server. Only e&p app fails, rest have no problems with internet connection.

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Fixed the pic. Thanks @zephyr1. :slight_smile:

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Feb 6. Unable to connect. Rebooted tablet and home router. Any other suggestions

Same problem for me :pensive:

Works on wifi but not on 4G for me.
All other stuff works on 4G.

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