How is this normal?

This happened to me three times in the last month… It’s a bit frustrating… There is draw in war, why not in raids… I enjoy the raiding system very much, but something should be done about this… It’s just unfair…

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Are you going to post this in every thread? If you don’t have anyone alive to carry the food and iron away then you didn’t win.


okay, you have posted this in three threads… enough already.
It is not a bug. You might not like it, but it is not a bug and very debatable whether it is unfair.


Did it ever happened to you? Would you like it? Happened three times to me! Of course I’m mad about it!

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How is it debatable? What makes you win a raid? Killing your enemies. I killed them and I lost… I bet the enemy got a victory while all his heroes were down… fair, huh?!

This is completely normal. You attack an opponent and if you don’t survive the battle your oponent has won. It’s always been like that.


The enemy did not survive as well… I don’t find it normal at all!


I would suggest that it is ‘fair’ because it affects everyone exactly the same.

Raids are already skewed in favour of the attacker, so it’s your job to win.

Thinking about it in a narrative sense, your team have attacked another stronghold as @FinishBJ said, if all your guys are dead then they can’t return with the loot.


It is not the same for every one! I bet the defender got the cups and had no idea that his defense had been broken! I never raid for the loot. They can keep it. I would have won almost 50 cups there… I still think is as unfair as unfair goes! It is a draw in every sense of the word! I think the devs should do something about it. It would be an easy fix. That is why I’m waving so hard about it! You (moderators) got the influence to make it happen if I can convince you…


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You are raiding their watchtower to claim something, food and iron, if you don’t have anyone left then the loot is still in their watchtower. If I go to someone’s house to kill them and take their TV, we both kill each other, I don’t have the TV, I failed in my attempt. If you did this in Alliance War, you killed them, you would get the points, because that’s a fight, not a raid for loot.


And trophy cups are loot, you can see when you raid it says, “Available loot”, food, iron, recruits and cups. Dead heroes can’t carry cups.

Sorry man! I never raid for the loot. Always got more food and iron than I can store. They can keep the loot, I never saw the point of it. It’s about the thrill of the fight (first) and the cups (second). Nobody has to “carry” those! Think of this happening in a top three fight! Cups aren’t real. They are a symbol. You can’t use them, they are a rating system.

It happened to me twice during 8 month.

Yes you killed them all but unfortunately you fought in enemy land so their wounded got first aid yours got killed.
And nobody came back to your stronghold to bragg about the fight. Maybe you should hire Jonah the Bard as an observer. :wink:

On a more serious note.
Since it is the same for all I cant see any unfairness.

And please……one thread is enough.


How do you know I would get the points in AW?! I think I would get the points for killing the heroes, but not the points awarded for victory in AW, because I was DEFEATED (or so they say)… Now, that would be fair. I did not WIN so no points for victory.

It’s not the same for every one. The defender won while all his heroes were down, as were mine, and I lost. How is it fair? The other threads are related, but you will see that I’m on topic there. Anyway, moderators can kill my posts on the other threads if they see it fit. I got nothing against it. And the fact that it’s the same for everyone (the way you mean it) doesn’t make it fair! An injustice applied to everybody it’s still an injustice.

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He means it is the same for you as an attacker, and it would be the same for me as an attacker and same for Sally Tinker Bottom as an attacker. You’re not the only one this can happen to. If you come to my watchtower and try to take 50 of my 2000 cups, you better be able to walk away with them.

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Come on! I’m making sense here! Nobody was left alive! How could somebody have won?

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I go to lots of watchtowers, take lots of “50 cups”. You are safe from me. I only attack for trophy odds above 45 / 16. As I said, got absolutely no interest in the loot.

So you admit you go to their watchtower to get something. Where are the cups? They are still in his watchtower because you’re dead. Cups are “loot”, that’s why they are listed as available loot. You are dead, they are dead, but you see those four recruits standing there waiting to see if they are coming with you if you win, well they are still there dusting off those 50 cups.



{20 characters and 50 cups}

Look man, I not looking for a quarrel here. I think you are trolling with me. I neither asked to win that fight, nor to carry away any loot, but it was a draw in every aspect and I think it should be aknowledged as one. Forget about the loot. But the enemy got the cups after I killed all his heroes… Who carried those? It’s just unfair. And it’s “Goodnight” to you, it’s broad day light here!

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