Titans Need above average players...join now

Just deleting old posts and need a placeholder.

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Hello orf8.

I see this message is a few days old, but I would still love to give a try for your open spot.
I just left an all Norwegian alliance, but we all saw that there is just not enough Norwegians playing this game to get an effective alliance going.

Checked out your alliance ingame, and see you’ve changed your invite to open, but still wanted to ask for premission to join, before I came barging in.

At this moment I have the following:
Ingame name: lille
Teampower: Between 3200ish-3400ish Depending on teamsetup. But must admit, I don’t a hole lot of different hero’s to change in (…yet)
cups: 1800ish.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

writing on my pad, with autocorrect…
And it’s not possible to edit posts here?

anyway: Sorry for all the bad grammar.

New opening for anyone serious about higher level titans :smiley:
Base requirements, but not mandatory: 2500+ power, 1200+ trophies, able to hit 10k plus on higher level titans. Of course, your dedication is worth just as much if anything else is lacking. We don’t miss titan hits…2 max. Be a part of a soon to be top 100 clan on the way to top 10!

Judo Mind Crush…2 Spots OPEN! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
3000 power and 1400 trophies…dedication means just as much so come in if you like to hit and hit hard
We like to chat, hit hard, and just have a good time. Respectful alliance and about to hit top 100.
If you join now we have an 8* Titan we’re about to finish off in the next 4 hours. We go up to 8* and 9* Titans, hope to do 10* very soon :slight_smile:
Come one come all and be a part of glory and infamy!

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