Titan damage nerfed?


We have let 2 titans go, as the hits were very under the normal average. This is very disheartening. For the kind of loot we get, even 9* and 10*, it is not worth using flasks


Got a 11* yesterday, a rare unicorn.
It was just impossible.

Reflecting blue (best defence reducers are blue) hit very hard (quite normal) and dispel buffs (bye bye kong).

Average hit for everyone was more then halfed, maybe more.



this posting has become quite long. sorry about that.
A higher TP player who experiences this kind of frustration may do well to retire from playing intensively and move to a smaller alliance. All you need from the titan is loot tier 9. )

It was this crap that has made me retire from playing intensively in a top50 alliance, fighting 11* and some 12* titans.

I started hitting like a baby - with the same team, mind you -, an 11* blue titan one shotted a fully ascended, full health green alberich (how is this possible? but it did happen), and titans became an unpleasant chore, even with the use of expensive items, to get some damage in, at least.

Add to this the greatly reduced drop rate for ingredients to make items. Farming 24/7, spending refills, just to get half-way decent titan damage, that is nonsense.

Add to this the fact that the 11* and 12* titans do not drop more or better stuff than the lower titans. All you need is loot tier 9, which gives you 3 rolls at ascension items. Hey, that is a C on a 9*, or a B on an 8*.

Yes, there are rumors that A+ in a 12* may give you one more roll. Wow, an extra wooden shield! And at immense cost. Forget it. Just forget it.

Thus, after this change, fighting the higher titans and failing miserably, left me bewildered and quite annoyed.

After all, after playing intensively for one year, collecting and leveling up good heroes, I expect to do decent titan damage and to pull my weight in the alliance.

I most certainly do not expect the game to tell me “You still are not good enough, babe. Farm day in, day out, spend dias on refills, make items, spend these items, farm again… ad nauseam… just to do the titan damage that you used to do comfortably. Because we have moved the goalposts, babe”

Forget it. Just forget it.

Now, I have retired from playing intensively in a top alliance. I now play comfortably in a small alliance, use only cheap items, do decent titan damage - on account of my good heroes - , get loot tier 9 every time (what more do I want anyway?) - and I help the small alliance with my contribution.

I am happy and content. And they are happy to have such a “retiree” in their midst.
Win win situation :hugs:

By the way, I have stopped color stacking, except for 2x strong color. Because I also noticed that color stacking has started to get horrible results.

Back to the roots:
Boldtusk or Kiril
Grimm, Tiburtus or Gormek
2x strong color

= more than decent titan damage.

And no more danger of my 4* heroes being one shotted by a big huge titan.

My advice to those high TP players who are getting sick and tired of SG moving the goalposts:

Do not quit the game.
Retire instead.
Retire from playing intensively, retire from running like a hamster in a wheel.

Find a nice smaller alliance and play in peace.
As a retiree, you can play the titan comfortably, utilizing your nice heroes, reaping the fruits of your labor. While helping to ensure the titan kill and thus ensure the titan loot for the entire alliance.

You will still get loot tier 9. With no hassle and no bother. And without the extreme annoyance of suddenly sitting in C.

You can still raid to your heart’s content. Utilizing your nice heroes, reaping the fruits of your labor.

( There is one huge player that I know of, who does exactly that)

Bragging rights, belonging to a top alliance, may be nice. But they are not worth your peace of mind. They are not worth experiencing utter frustration every day.

Try it! Instead of leaving the game, try it!

I have made the right choice. Definitely.

Oh, what does such a retiree in the alliance do for wars? No idea. This is my first war now, in my retirement home. The alliance may get a harder match. Due to the retiree’s heroes. BUT they have gained the retiree. And his or her deep bench :wink:
We will see. And war loot is crap anyway.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once
Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

I cannot express how true this is. For crying out loud, stop with the secrecy and just be transparent!!!


Felt like I needed to add to this:

In the last few days (perhaps a week) I’ve noticed my hero’s are dying a LOT quicker versus Titans than previous times.
I thought I must just not be paying attention to them, but then I went in with my most powerful team against a Green Titan today, and that team consisted of two reds.

I always do approx 20k damage to nature titans because my team is quite Fire top heavy, but today I’ve struggled to get 16k. I’m taking potions, arrows, axes in and doing nothing different that I’ve done in the last 6 months (it’s like muscle memory, you just know what to do) In each of my three hits today, I lost 2 heros first time, 1 second time and 3 the third time. Boldtusk got wiped with one shot!!! And Merlin also got wiped when he had just been heal + Attack buffed by Bold. They’ve 100% done something to the titans, the sceptic in me thinks it’s so I get pissed at my current set of hero’s and impulse roll a 10x.
Played video games and mobile games all my life. Once the devs start messing around with stuff WITHOUT any patch notes, pretty soon after the customer base walk away. Seen it hundreds of times.
Don’t get me started on the chance of ascension items… it’s mind blowingly horrific.
Sort it out or lose a customer. It’s simple


I’ve noticed the Titans seem to be getting smarter. They more and more target the lowest hit point first, which is almost always Wu, or injured heroes…i.e. this is how a person would control it, not roll a random number.

Answer: latest update sent SGG tiny gerbils into our phones controlling the titans. Brilliant!


I suppose titans will be smart enough to conquer world soon


We had ours too, thank god we have some beasty hitters and we managed to take it down. Too bad only 2 reported telescope on bonus slot
But I also noticed we are getting lower scores than before


I agree with this, to an extent: the definition of high trophy count. I know you didn’t mention it here, but I look at high TP as diamond or above, and high titans as 9* or above.

If my entire alliance is in gold or platinum, with maxed 4-5* heroes and decent troops, and we’re fighting an 8-9*, I expect to get smacked around a bit. But to have the same 7* titans kill our teams, while 2 weeks ago they were a cake-walk? Something’s not right.

Mind, we incorporated the same philosophy of distributing players between our three alliances: Advanced Casual, Medium, and Beginner. But we shouldn’t have to create a new alliance of 1-2 level 30 player and 28 level 10s just to get more decent loot rolls. The game has too many half-filled alliances as it is.



Oh, I think I did not express myself correctly.

By TP, I mean “team power”.
In the thread by Avicious, I noticed that it is mostly … not always … the players with a high team power that are getting sick and tired of the nerfs and of the power creep in the game.
As soon as you have achieved something, SG moves the goalposts. And doing LESS titan damage suddenly, with BETTER heroes, that is just BS.

Also, I do not advocate creating new alliances. There are more than enough alliances in the game. I advocate joining a smaller alliance and playing in peace - while helping the alliance with your damage - instead of quitting the game in frustration and letting the investment of time and money go to waste.

Sorry if I did not express myself clearly.

I fully agree that something is not right with the titans at the moment.


Also look at this tread

@Rook, maybe it makes sense to combine this two topics?


If merging, I should retitle the thread to theirs (which is more easily searched). Any disagreements?



Not at all :slight_smile: , 20 characters


Worry not, peoples! We could have new brands heroes with spirit link pretty soon (RNG or :moneybag:?) to prevent our heroes to being OHKOed by oversized titan’s hits.



And this is precisely why they can stick this strange power creep in their ear :yum:

Spend more, just to stay in the same place?
Naaawwwww …


I think we are talking about the same titan in same star class. So do I. I fought many 8* titans, if gorgone queesn or mammoth, my heroes die faster (even if now leveled more) and I do less damage.
How can you explain this? Same titan, better team, less damage/life…


When you say same star class you need to also look at HP as it varies a lot within same star. We can’t see the other stats but it is evident they also follow the HP.

If you fight the weakest and the strongest within same class you will get very different results.


I have been collecting data from all titan hits of the whole ally for the past week and I have noticed tha average damage was the same for all titans despite color and level (8 or 9 stars) but people have been complaining that titans seem to kill heroes faster. I noticed that the Gorgon Queen killed my heros with 1 shot ther first attacks and then it took 2 or even 3 hits to kill them for the other attacks. I have only used arrows and no defense buffer heroes.


It’s not just titans… My Lianna who is 4/55 was one shot killed by the Vampire guy for the purple quest WITH Vivicas defense buff on. But then Vivica was hit and wasn’t killed. Both hit with the special. So it doesn’t seem to be consistent either.


I have noticed a difference. My average hits are down 10k. I used to hit purple titans in the 40-60k range. Lucky to break 22k now.