Titan damage nerfed?

Forgive me if this is a continual beating of a dead horse, but I don’t visit the forums frequently and the idea of searching countless topics of people yelling about things to find my answer seems daunting and, well, I don’t feel much like doing that.

So my question is simply: has anyone else noticed (or does anyone have definitive proof of) a lack in damage done to a titan? I have recently made my departure from two alliances that were regularly killing 9* - 11* titans. My reasoning for leaving both is irrelevant to the topic, for the most part, but a growing frustration with an abrupt poor performance streak on titans played a small role in bigger spectrum of frustrations.

At first I assumed it to be a rough streak. We all go through them. Dry spells where you don’t receive materials, 5 out of your 6 raids are losses, titan boards littered with dead tiles, etc. But, then I noticed… In joining an alliance of only several people facing 4* titans… My titan damage is absolute rubbish. Some of the most mesmerizing boards I’ve ever witnessed; huge flurries of the dominant color landing on target, the titan never moving from its stunned state. Wu Kong in full effect. Defense debuffer debuffing that defense continually. Surely this must be the most damage I’ve ever done! Match ends. 52k damage dealt to a 4* purple dragon. I have done 20k more with a less impressive board to a much bigger titan in the past. What gives? Is it confirmation bias? I feel like the board was better than it was, but it wasn’t, so now I’m crying wolf?

I try not to be the complainer guy too publicly, but lately… Well, I be complainin’. Is it just me?


No. You are not alone. Got same feeling + that the titan damage seems to be stronger than before. Read this also in another thread. Some full maxed 4*s die by getting hit only once. I need more and more time to heal my heroes than to hit titan. Maybe that’s also a reason for me why my damage decreased…got same problem?


We’re also in the 10-11* range…

Are you paying close attention to the type of Titan you’re getting? In addition to the new rare titans, I’ve noticed some new titans that were added not that long ago. They have in some cases stronger abilities:




I have noticed the same.
I hit like a baby lately. With the same nice heroes as before.


I haven’t noticed this happening to me, but I was thinking, if this WAS done it would probably be easier for them to strengthen the titan rather than ‘nerf’ attacks. Hopefully some others will be able to shed more light on this.

I only made this post because I’ve spent the last few days hitting nothing higher than a 5* titan, none of which were rare or new. We’re talking bottom of the barrel ember dragons and demon lords.

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I was notice the same thing before.
Then two days ago i managed to do this:

Wu kong missed anything and i’m still fighting with Li Xiu.

Hmm! I’m on the lower spectrum of hitters in our alliance, but I always thought that was because I stink :grin:. Now that I’ve got WuKong, I’m convinced that he stinks.

Must go visit some fellow alliances and test…


Were tornado used?

20 chars

In my alliance I noticed hits decreased an average 1/3 from all members. More noticiable in strong hitters


No. Currently fighting 8* blue mammoth so nothing special. Before 8* gorgon queen. Also "old " Titan. All our damages are lower and the hits getting harder…


On a very low level ( I am soloing 1* titans right now ) I havent noticed a difference.

Nope, zero tornado.
One time stop to gain time.

It does get easier. When I was in the gold tier, couldn’t seem to progress. Then I levelled up and platinum was my new arena. Now I am mostly Diamond with 2300 cups my new bottom. My heroes are stronger: 1 maxed 4 star and 4 5 stars all within 20 levels of 80.

We are on 7* titans. I haven’t noticed anything different. A couple of days ago I did my all time best and a couple of days before that another member also got highest ever.

If damage was significantly down I would also expect more titans getting away or at least tacking longer to kill, but haven’t noticed this either.

My impression is not that damage was nerfed but boards have been worse when colorstacking. Most times i get just as much damage colorstacking as when using a rainbow team. Currently killing all 8 stars titans in my ally

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This were my best hit of the week, what I’ve noticed isn’t a lowered damage due to boards but a increased damage from titans, that results on team wipes and lower damage.

Now I bring 20% & 60% mana potions, healing potions and resurresction items on my titans battles.

1200 damage hits received on Scarlett were sick, mans…

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Yeah, I definitely think higher Titan damage is part of the equation (and is anyone else noting the “dancing stun box”? Mine jigs all over the place rather than calmly sitting there for 3-4 shots so I can stun him repeatedly.)

Lastly, a few of my guys report “worse” boards, but we’re not big on records for the most part, so this is anecdotal.

My Titan damage is noticeably less. I spend more time trying to heal now than actually hitting the Titan. Recently had a 7 star that I averaged 40-50k per hit prior, only to get 20-30k now. And my heros are dying quicker.

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I have noticed across the alliance that Titan scores are down.

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