Titan AssKickers Recruiting OR Looking to Merge. (Closed Thread)

We are a long time semi casual group of players who are wanting to become more serious about Titan and War participation. Currently we are at the 6* to 7* level, but looking to improve.
Our member list ranges from 800 to 2400 with most in the upper 1000 level and hope to have a full house full of active players. We like to talk and discuss in game as well.

Alternatively, we are looking to seek an alliance of 10 or less members who are active and need that oomph to go further.

Contact myself directly on the forums. If you are an individual looking for more of a challenge, I hope you will search for us in game. Please message me directly if you wish to discuss merging your small alliance along with ours. Thank you.

Crystal Dragon
Titan AssKickers

Still have plenty of space. Thank you for those that joined up recently!

Our alliance had a successful merger. Thank you very much to those that were interested!

Crystal Dragon

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