Titan Assassins is recruiting

Want to join fun and active alliance?

We fight agaist 8*-9* titans! :wink:

Our rules:
Hit titan daily! :smile: It’s always fun to smack those right?

Use all your 6 war attacks! We love wars, even when we are out ranked. :yum:

You have 1600 trophies! I know, we have 2 players under that, but being very active can make us look other way. :wink:

Tell us, if you can’t log in. Like you are in vacation and can’t play. We all have lives, right?

One spot open, now! Maybe one more tomorrow! Come fight and chat with us or just come, we don’t force people to chat. :joy:

We just got rare titan! Join us to take it down! :blush: One spot open!

Hi Lulua85, it’s me choccomi. I am very active and trying to be stronger to fight with the team. I just want to know the reason that I got removed. Thanks

Hi, Choccomi! I just be honest. We are trying ti reach top100, so your team is little bit too weak for that in this point and it takes you months to grow for that. You are very welcome to join us later on. And I wasn’t the one, who kicked you out. Mean awile, you can go to alliance named Monster Masher, that is active alliance with lower titans. I think you find this game more fun, when titans aren’t so hard or wars.