They paved paradise and put up a darting lot

And finally after the blue and green (you’ll be pleased to know I’m pretty sure on my red and purple queues) - I have a multitude of yellows and 18 darts.

Who gets the sweet taste of ascension?

  • Nemesis
  • Kushanku
  • Queen G
  • Motega
  • Matilida
  • Meresenkh
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I don’t have any emblems for Queen G but she’s in there for posterity.


Ten points for a Joni Mitchell reference!!! Negative one point if you think the Counting Crows wrote it. Crows version is good too.


Queen Guowang is an excelent hit all, Nemesis a very strong very fast sniper and Kushanku a very fast mana controler. The choices are easy when it comes to these three compared to the others :slight_smile:

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I’m so pleased I got the song reference, usually my pop culture game is awful!

anyway, to be on topic, I voted in the poll :stuck_out_tongue: I think Queen G is the scariest to face among those!


“And they charged the people a dollar an’ a half just to see 'em”

I don’t have ANY of those heroes so I won’t charge you a dollar an’ a half for my advice.

I have a hard enough time remembering what the heroes I do have do!


Queen G is especially good with someone like Annabelle as you can trigger her Vengeance yourself without need the enemy to dispel you.

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Well…tbch…none of those mentioned jump out as a dire need, game changing, must have hero … that said wait for new CoK heros.

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Thank you everyone! And well done on getting the Joni song reference :slight_smile:

I’ve since worked out who to strip to get the emblems for Queen G so maybe she does get the first set.

I have a shed-tonne of Paladin emblems (and Odin to strip) so I might do Kush and Nemesis. Kush has been more.useful in testing but that makes sense as Nemesis needs the darts to hit the hardest.

I love Motega, but not quite enough to push the button.

I love DoT so Matilda is also high up in my thinking.

I’m glad the feeling towards Meresankh seems to have warmed, but she’s not quite there for me yet
Plus druid emblems will go to 9HB.

Food for thought!

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