I'm blue do ba de ba do ba

I’m pursuing a new tactic of getting all potential ascension candidates to 3/70, assessing them and reviewing my emblems situation before pressing the button. This is working well as I end up collecting more mats as I get all options up to the cliff. However, it does mean I can’t use them as often as I like. (NB Quintin at 3/70 is a huge boost to the end of Goblin Village).

However, I have been blessed with an absurd number of ice options. I have 20 scopes and I need 48 to level all of the options, so I’d value the community’s input. (I’m not going to buy any). I have a deep bench so this is for fun across all areas. So this is for fun. I’m all about the fun!

I’ll tell you who I’m leaning towards after you’ve voted :wink:

  • Milady DeWinter
  • Sobek
  • Fortuna
  • Quintin
  • Nine-Headed Beast
  • cSnowWhite
  • 2cMagni
  • Adalinda
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Can I also use this as another shout for a 3/70 test bed? or the ability to borrow a hero for one raid to test them out?


My choices in order…
MdW…shes just cool period.
Fortuna…makes me smile to dispell the likes of Hathor, Ferdinand, Hitachu, you get my point…
9HB…as he pecks away at the target it really adds up
Quintin…he’s still amazing!

I love taking them to 3/70 then assessing to determine if they can withstand the creep.
Good luck with whichever you choose!

Edit: cSnow might be fun …but needs a talent I don’t possess…patience :wink:


There you go:



Oh yeah, that’s always at the back of my mind.
The Snowplough.


Milady the Winter.

Cause she rocks.
Cause she’s blue.
Cause do ba de ba do ba.

Cause of every one who doesn’t vote for Milady de Winter is just jealous :rofl:


Seeing as I only have Quintin I voted based on the toughest to face. Turns out those were the top four vote getters (as of this minute :rofl: )


In order Lady , Quintin, Fortuna , Ninehead, Sobek. If I chose another it would be Magni. I pair him with Quintin in raids ( and Gaillard) make a nice wham jam thank you BYE . So Magni could set up Quintin who sets up m lady and game over for you . Nice choices to have life goes on


I voted Milady first for sure, but I’m biased and love her lol. She’s the only other 2lb I have besides Ludwig

9HB’s multi-pecks do add up, but I’d honestly say it’s best part is the reset of buffs and ailments and the attack up and attack down. It does a lot.

And Quintin is always just a good time


One more vote for Milady as she’s just 20 characters of ‘amazing’

My second vote goes to Fortuna as fast dispel is so cool

I didn’t vote for 3 - but third vote would probably go to Sobek as he’s a monster and kills them all - which is great fun!



I think your choices will be 1.Quintin 2.C-Snow White 3. Nine-headed Beast! Let’s see if I can get this right :blue_heart:.


Thanks everyone for your votes and comments. Very interesting.

I had put Milady down the queue as my available wizard emblems are in the low hundreds, but I think you’ve persuaded me. Sorry, Zeline.

My original leanings were (in no order)

  • CSnowwhite
  • Quintin
  • 9HB

(well done @Luna !)

CSnowwhite is currently demolishing teams at 3/70 with my 3/70 Queen G and 3/70 Agrafena. Can’t wait to see her fully levelled. Her costume boost pushed her to the top

Quintin has been so fun in my tests. I love the strategy and ability to wipe out heroes and bosses.

9HB is a multi-faceted beast who’ll pair well with Queen G /

As I’m only 4 scopes away from having a top 4, I think it’ll remain those + Milady. By the time a top 3 is done then I may have the other scopes.

Milady will pair with Belladonna and D’Artangen.

The others:

Fortuna is great but the rogue emblems need to go to Quintin and I’ve got Hypnos / Caitlin for debuffing at the moment.

C2Magni would be awesome but a luxury

Adalinda is a victim of circumstance - I have Tinsel as a blue Def down and she’s fast. Still love her though.

Sobek arrived a bit late, and Wizard emblems are always going to go to Milady first.


100% :innocent::trophy:

I’d also suggest consider Athos - as per the other thread - for cover

I know you well my amazing TBD / Pirate mate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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GUESS who pulled Ghealach to compound this issue?


He looks very nasty

Will probably go to the top of the queue

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You know me so well. :green_heart:

He’s jumped to the 3/70 queue ahead of Quintin who was about to get the next scopes.

Hopefully by the time he’s done I’ll have enough Wiz emblems for him and Milady.