A certain shade of green

In a similar vein to my blue heroes request - I have only 8 tonics and a generous list of nature heroes. Who should I prioritise for funnnnnz? Thank you in advance.

  • Green Knight
  • Queen Anne
  • Winifred
  • Galapago
  • Ahmose
  • Athos
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I based my vote on which I would most want. Queen Anne, Ahmose, Winifred. They would be the most fun to play with for me.

Poor old Galapagos getting no love.


Voted for Green Knight because I would have really wanted him. But I think that Winifried, with her passive is also really good. And if she charges, even great


I think I’ll be the only one voting for Athos just for sentimental reasons :green_heart:

‘The 3 Musketeers’ was one of my favourite books so I really love them all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and wish I can get D’Artagnan

I love all the musketeers and if you have 3, the cover mechanics is too good to ignore!

I use him with Aramis and Milady for 100% cover - which has saved my life many times!

I don’t find Queen Anne challenging

Ahmose - if he charges - is deadly but again slow

vs very fast Athos! (I use Myoin-ni with my musketeers team to help charge Milady)

So if you have other musketeers in your roster, I’d seriously consider Athos! If not, I think my vote goes to Green Knight for obvious reasons


Thanks everyone! Green Knight is the winner by quite some way.

Luna, I agree with you - love the musketeers. I’m fortunate enough to have Queen Anne, D’Artangen, Porthos (3/70), Athos and Milady - so I would have the option of pairing Athos with D’Artangen and Milady.

I genuinely didn’t know who to pick here.

Green Knight is great, but I worry about his fighter skill clashing with his special.

Queen Anne isn’t really scary but mana boosters are always great - and I love a taunter. Plus the musketeers link.

Athos is a great, but niche option. I will have monk emblems but was considering giving them to Matilda. Very fast heavy hitting can’t be discounted though

Ahmose will be useful for the red reflect especially, but wizard emblems are at a premium at the moment. I have a good few options for rush.

Wini is the one I want to take up but again with the wizard emblems. Love her passive and the boards are useful.

Galapago. Man. Poor Galapago. If I didn’t have Eloise, Grimble, Alucard and cGormak he’d be in consideration.

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