The TGW Coffee Cup Party (Not exclusive) ☕

Sounds like an abomination to me. Turkey isn’t even that nice; bland, dry. Turkey burgers don’t exist in Australia. :thinking:

Had to do something with all that leftover turkey from thanksgiving. You can only take so much turkey-a-la-king.

Besides there’s always the stuffing and gravy to add back moisture.



so we don’t go off topic in the other thread :slight_smile:

My avatar was created by @TGW , he took my old avatar (Proteus’ special) and added it to a coffee cup. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I know the Coffee Cup Party, even though I was never a member. :wink: But what’s the meaning if your old avatar? I can’t find the connection to Proteus. :confounded:


I should probably let Sleepyhead tell you in his own magical way. Lol.


This screenshot might help @Pike :slight_smile: it’s Proteus using his special


I see I don’t use him enough! :rofl: Thanks my friend!


suddenly felt nostalgic for this thread! lots of names here that I dearly miss :frowning:

@PlayForFun @nevarmaor @Pompitous I think we’re the only active posters left who use coffee cup avatars eh? and there are a few other active ones who have a coffee cup too.

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My avatar is coffee related😁

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I just scrolled up to the top, and these members still using their TGW made avatars:

Of course some of them are retired now, but several members were logged in in May.

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I took a month off of caffeine a few months back. Just to see if there would be a change.

Couldn’t eliminate the routine of making coffee in the morning. And switched to decaf during the month long expedition.

I love making coffee.
Maybe more than drinking it. Got many different ways to make it and none include an outlet. I got a pour over and probably use it the least. Comes in handy if I feel lazy and shake hot water and grounds in a thermos, then dump the contents in the pour over and refill the thermos. I have a percolator when I’m feeling thirsty. A few different French Presses. A Cuban espresso maker that runs off my gas stove. I think that one is my preferred method. But the Aero press makes a competitive cup of joe!

So…my cup is sentimental and synodic with
The Grey Wolf.

Thanks for the tag @sleepyhead

This place would have little value left without the likes of you.




I have mine proudly on display in my E&P Trophy Cabinet #privileged


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thank you for checking @PlayForFun , I did see that some have logged in and read some in May but not posted anything. thanks for the tag, maybe we can get a reunion :slight_smile:

you are part of the club! :smiley:

well everyone is actually, @TGW and @Saphirra were so kind as to make a lot, and I’m sure they would have made one for you too!

making coffee is an art @Pompitous , I can totally understand :slight_smile: and thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

@Steve9999 oooh! what a nice coffee cup you have!


Mine is actually a symbiosis of the coffee cup avatar and @Saphirra’s card he made for me. If you look REALLY closely it’s regressive. The cup has an image of the raven holding the cup, which has a single pixel representing the raven with a single molecule representing the cup …

I miss @PapaHeavy too. He was (presumably still is) a character.

My personal preferred coffee making method is french press, with freshly-ground beans.