The Ruthless Warriors - active alliance - one spot open

The Ruthless Warriors have one spot available for a mature, friendly active player looking to join an alliance that believes being active can be fun!

We are a fun, friendly, chatty group of players, offering support and helpful advice.

We fight the titans and participate in the wars. We are an international alliance. If you are looking for an alliance where you can enjoy your game, be active and feel supported without pressure, please check us out.


We are an international alliance. Along with English, we have knowledgeable players who can offer advice in Greek, German, French and Hungarian.

p.s. I’m on West Coast Canada time so please be patient if I don’t respond right away.

We have a vacancy for an active player looking to have serious fun!

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International team with members across the world searching another active player who is committing on fighting wars and titans.

We are currently fighting 8 and 9 star titans and have recently been taking on 10 stars!

Our team is supporting members, structured and fighting 8* & 9* titans

We will help you to grow but also to enjoy the game with in our alliance.

We are currently seeking an active mid-level to strong player. If you are committed to your game, we will be committed to you!

A great alliance fighting in the Titan sweet spot for ascension items, generally all of our members get three ascension item rolls on 9 star titans. Got two unfarmables myself on a rare nine star harpy, and one of our members got two tabards!

A fun, friendly committed alliance who will help you raise your game and ascend your heroes! What are you waiting for?

PS Generally English speaking and very chatty.

Our alliance is very International. En, De or GR is covered of needed. Come try us and you can decide to stay or leave as you wish.

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Did you get any of those fancy new heroes?

Yes after 12 mth. I got my first HotM who is Evelyn

Join us for some serious fun! If you are committed to your game, we will commit to you!

We are now full again!

@princess1 can you let me know if you get a spot open again?

I certainly can. We don’t get vacancies very often and we’ve already got a player waiting. Thanks for your interest!

@Arctic_Kiwis Don’t give up hope. The first person on our waiting list is still growing his roster and says he can easily wait until the following spot opens. He is a colleague of one of our current players, so they can coordinate the timing.

We may have a spot opening sooner than expected and we’d love to have you join us when that happens!

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Totally fine.

This is the only alliance i plan on applying to in the short/medium term.

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We like to find players with a good attitude - on that score you meet all the qualifications :blush:

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@Arctic_Kiwis looks like we may have a spot opening in a few hours. I’ll let you know when that happens. We’d love to have you join us in time for the next war!