The Ruthless Warriors - 3 open slots

The Ruthless Warriors are looking for three daily active players. We offer a friendly and active alliance who are participating in the Titan and War fight.

If you’re a strong player who is looking to be at the top of our leaderboard, without any drama and pressure from your team mates, please look at The Ruthless Warriors, leader Warrior Princesstoo.

Basic rules:

  • Attack titan
  • Participate in the War
  • Have fun

You would make our alliance, very happy if you join.

We are looking for active players wishing to play in an active, yet relaxed alliance.

We have an active group of mature, friendly and chatty players. If you’d like to join an alliance that wants to actively play the game and still have fun, you’d fit in here!

Whew, all that activity wore me out :joy:

We’ve had a player join us who said he was looking for a fun alliance.

That’s our message… If you want to enjoy your game and still be active, we have two spots remaining!

Saw your alliance, I’m 900cups and ± 2300 team power but rising quickly and pretty active. Looking for an alliance where most of the 30 members are active, and not just 10-12 out of 30 like most I’ve met so far. Let me know If you’re interested!

Definately would welcome you.

Great! How should I proceed? Your alliance settings won’t let me ask to join

That’s odd, we’re set for 400 cups. Let me change it to open and try again.

Never mind! lol just sent the request

We are now full with players wanting to have fun!

Unfortunately we had to remove an inactive player.

The good news is we now have a space available for an active player looking for a fun, mature, chatty, friendly and supportive alliance.

We have have a open slot in case you are still interested

Haha, he’s already with us under a different user name.

Hi, im a very active vip player with 700cups, 2200 team power, and bad english.(Understand good, speak bad :smiley: )
Pls send me invite

Apply to join and you’ll be welcome

And we are full again.

It’s Hol :wink: I’m allready in