THE RUTHLESS WARRIORS seeking one active player

The Ruthless Warriors have one spot available for a mature, friendly active player looking to join an alliance that believes being active can be fun!

We are a fun, friendly, chatty group of players, offering support and helpful advice.

We fight the titans and participate in the wars. We are an international alliance. If you are looking for an alliance where you can enjoy your game, be active and feel supported without pressure, please check us out.


We have a lot of fun and enjoying the game without big drama and mobbing. Try us and you will not regret us

Still fun, still helpful, still supportive.

We just fought a fun, exciting war … doesn’t matter who won, we had fun.

If you’d like join us in having fun in the next war, we’d love to welcome you!

The team is supportive, collaborative and very international :+1:

Hi there, could you please give me some info on what level of titans you’re at, and preferred team strength?

My team strength is 3400, and my current alliance is killing 4 star titans, but I’d like to move up to 6-8 star titans? At the moment I feel like I do a lot of the heavy lifting on Titans and War in that alliance (top scorer in both most of the time) and there are too many inactive members holding us back.

You would be very happy in our alliance. We are currently struggling with an 8 star but we’ve been managing our 7 stars really well. We’ve done well on some 8 stars but this green gargoyle always escapes!

Your team would be an welcome addition. We don’t really recruit just based on performance, it’s more important that we find the right person, not just a player.

We’d ask you to be as active as possible, but to also enjoy playing the game with your fellow alliance members. We have a wonderful group of international players and have a lot of fun.

We’d love to have you join us!

We are also a very well managed alliance. We have a good rate of activity and that’s mainly because we respect and support each other.

When we make the difficult decision to remove a player, we offer to help them find a more suitable alliance. We are here to enjoy the game and isn’t that really the most important thing?

I’ve been in this alliance for 25 day’s and it’s the best one I’ve joined.

We do pretty well in wars to, coordinate attacks between stronger and weaker members, and so on.

We kill about half the 8* titans we get, and 100% of the 7*. Your profile and team power fits what we need.

I hope you join!

We are still looking for the right person.

If you’re active and want to enjoy your game with other players who feel the same way, then you’ll fit right in.

Sorry I haven’t replied, big day at work.

Happy to join, you guys sound great. How does this work from here?

You need to first leave your alliance, then go to the alliance search in the game and type in The Ruthless Warriors.

We are set for invite only so it will ask you if you’d like to join. Just write a little note saying you’d like to join and I, or one of our co-leaders will accept you. You shouldn’t have to wait too long for an acceptance, there is usually one of us on at some point and I’ll let them know to watch for you.

We are thrilled you’ll be joining us and I’m confident you’ll enjoy our alliance.

Oh, and we just killed that nasty green 8 star titan with 100% participation. We can’t ask for more than that.

Ok. Will be doing so in next 10 minutes, so please answer when I knock. Same handle in the game :sunglasses:

I’ll go wait by the door.

And we’re full again :sunglasses:

And for next time everyone, this is is a great alliance, so be quick if we get an opening!

And thanks for having me, team.

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Sadly we’ve lost a long term member due to medical issues.

That means we are once again seeking a special person who wants to enjoy their game in a friendly, supportive and active alliance.

We are happy to say that we are full again :grinning:

AND we are back to having a spot. The person who joined 6 hours ago vanished mysteriously.

Let us know if you want to join!

We are still searching for the right person! An active player who wants to join a fun, friendly and supportive alliance.

We are well managed for activity, coordinate our war strategy and take down 7 star titans quickly,

If you are a mature player who wants to enjoy your game with other friendly players, come join us.

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