The Ridiculous Complaints thread


if she uses two hero slots does her mana speed double?

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I have a new ridiculous complaint. For a very long time I could not change the color of my dragons. Then low and behold I was able to change my green dragon to purple! Great! But now my Red Heroes refuse to fight for a just cause because they do not have a red dragon! My holy heroes also are upset because they don’t have a yellow dragon. My kingdom is no longer peaceful as my Heroes are revolting! Tell me, or not, is this fair to these brave heroes that go to battle multiple times per day in defense of the honor of their kingdom?


I have a demand from SGG, in terms of language.
In Portuguese, lixo means trash.
How DARE they name one of my favorite heroes, Li Xiu, after trash!!!
I demand that SGG either change her name, or insist that all Portuguese speaking countries in the world change their word


Probably easier to redefine the word in Portuguese. After all, there can’t be more than a few hundred million speakers …


Good news/bad news here…

Good news: SG has agreed to change her name!
Bad news: they changed it straight to the English word “Garbage”…


Now when you use her in your team you can say “Honey, I’m taking the trash out”


To the yellow trash bin?
20 garbages


What are you angling at there?


I would like to complain that Joe Namath is in the NFL Hall of Fame. Also, I’d like to complain that Jethro Tull beat Metallica for the first ever hard rock/heavy metal Grammy award.

I’d also like to complain that I lost my 4th raid of the day after winning my first 3. It is obvious that the developers changed something at 11:14 am est today!

I’d like to thank the developers for their quick undoing of the change at 11:15 am est today as I won the next 3 raids consecutively. Obviously, they realized their error and how it negatively affected me and other players.


And here we have absolute definitive proof of the silent buff that @Garanwyn uncovered a few posts earlier.


And Tull trumps Metallica :wink:


Some of this will qualify as ridiculous, so I’m posting it here!

My current alliance has some cool people, but some cool people have left. There are also some who consistently don’t use all their war flags, and it is frustrating to lose by 20 points with 12 unused flags. (Also frustrating is the excuse, “I don’t have enough teams”… You’ve been playing for months, maybe don’t eat everything you get.)

Related to this, some of my real-life friends started playing the game, but not until months after me, so if I were to quit my alliance and join theirs, I would skew the team power there, and would be facing much weaker Titans.

I thought I’d look in the AR channel… tee-hee, that was amusing. I just want an alliance that doesn’t make me use Line or Discord, and doesn’t hassle me as long as I attack the (9* preferred) Titans and make my war attacks - without telling me how I should set my defense or who I should attack.

Is this a pipe dream? Is my current laid-back, non-Line alliance about the best I can expect? And I just accept the frequent frustration of losing a winnable war?

My ridiculous complaint: that my real-life friends aren’t leveling fast enough for me to just convince my current alliance to boot the non-flag-users and bring in my friends. :wink:


What if we go back in time and convince them to name their band Metullica?

Or better yet, Nutellica. Delicious AND nutritious!


I’m in a laid-back alliance. No line, no discord. We are only starting to succeed on 7* titans. We don’t recruit but have 29 members.

I ridiculously complain that I have too much fun with them to leave.

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No words needed :sob:
Gimme some gloves !?!


LOL make the 1 a 0 and that was me about 4 months ago.

Now I have 17 and 4




Before my mini-rant, I had 11 Compass and 0 Fine Gloves.

I thought, “I’ll wait until the Titan dies before I leave, at least…” Poof, Fine Gloves! The game is officially taunting me.

Now I just have to decide which 4* to ascend:

  • G.Jackal #2… and no other significant yellow will be delayed by this choice
  • Grimm - if I do this, I focus on maxing him, and Frida sits at 4-16 even longer

I think I’ll go with Jackal… that way, Triton gets to 3-60 very soon and I resume Frida while I wait for another set of gloves. :slight_smile:

Like I said earlier… 99 problems. :wink:


99 problems of game on the wall
99 problems of game …


Same but my ratio is 29:1 :cold_sweat: