The Instigators - small merge?

We use Discord to communicate outside the game. Id is: Tygrant#7667 to discuss.

You would come to us. When full we were stringing 10-11* titans and saw our first 12*.

Had a couple leave the game due to real life and looking to fill up to (7) spots.

Titan is mandatory. No silly requirements on damage or number of harpoons…just do your best. We have a couple of members who have hit 100k+ in a single hit and can get you headed that way as well. War is optional but if opted in must use all flags.

Family type alliance where we take care of our own.

NOTE: Post-merge, willing to make a couple of your alliance leadership co-leads once the transition has completed smoothly.

lets chat and see where it goes

My discord info is above. I have Line as well - tygrant. Look forward to talking.

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