The Instigators is recruiting

Looking for active daily players.

Titan hits are a requirement.

War is optional but if opted in you must have a defense of at least 3800 and (6) war ready teams of at least 3/60 or 3/70.

Winning war strategy which is flexible.

Members across US, Canada, Europe, etc. Can generally find someone on throughout the day.

We help all our members with advice, suggestions for completing challenge events, etc.

We use Line to communicate outside of the game…this is required. We do get chatty from time to time. My line ID is: tygrant if you want to discuss joining.

My game ID is: Ty&Grant

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:dragon_face: The Instigators :dragon_face:


Tired of your inactive alliance? Feeling like you want to bump your game up to the next level? Join us and be an Instigator too! We are a well established alliance, with a few slots recently opened up as some long term members have decided to retire with the new year. 23/30, bring an active playing friend with you and find your new home!

Solid group of English speaking guys and gals who leave no flags hanging in the war - so if you join please do the same! We follow proven strategies as well as try to innovate and collaborate for best results and loot!

Usually fighting 10-11 star titans, currently at 8-9 as we had a holiday break for our members. With connections to other well established alliances, we will never lose on rare loot with friendly mercenaries to help in our sister teams.

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords: Requesting minimum team score of 3900, and those who have six war teams ready. :crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

Communication is important to us, if you can’t hit the titan or be in the war, just let us know and opt out. Real life happens and we understand! Inactive players who don’t communicate will be kicked as we are constantly striving to improve. If you’re an active player, this is the home for you!

Hope to hear from you, when you knock on the door tell them Darklilly sent you. :slight_smile:

LINE APP recommended but not required.

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