THE play, immune enemies, 5* 1.1 or 4.80?

I want to know the results of those who got The Hatter and has had a chance to use him.

What stacks were you able to make and what heroes his special did not work on?

Will you level him or will he sit on the bench?

What grade would you give him?


I got the Hatter he is 2/60 at the moment and have only done PVE so far. I am waiting for food to recharge to ascend to 3T
I only have 2 tonics, but will 4/80 when I have 6.

I intend to stack with Evelyn and Gregorion, then Zim and Inari. (Cleanse + Dodge)

Before he is 4/80 and on my raid team, I will give him a B grade but it could increase.

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Wow…now thats awesome!!!

I might try to use the Hatter on the stupid Ancient Tiger (obv. Unicorn) to steal the counter attack. Rare titans get some punishing buffs.


I think OP was asking by saying “please…” but I can see how the CAPS can be taken loudly.

I pulled Hatter myself, didn’t pay attention to him nor even was trying for him so I’m very curious about this hero now.


Got Hatter, CC and the captain. Did not used him already. First level evelyn first… will try to get to know him on the bosses while farming.

I was underwhelmed at first (really wanted Queen or Kunchen, plus I have 3 more evelyn, gregorion2, kadilen & horghall who all want tonics)…

But after a little bit of play and the recession of buyer’s remorse… no question hatter gets tonics 13 through 18 (evelyn & gregorion are my only 4t green)



It seems to me this guy is straight up broken op. If I had him I’d ascend him first thing and enjoy trivializing all the heroes that rely solely on buffs and healing over time such as my ares tank. Really idk how this hero made it out of beta. I could understand shuffling all buffs and debuffs between teams …
Seems mad and could backfire like Wu Kong or danzaburo. Or dispelling and stealing buffs of main target for self only, also within reason. But stealing all buff and putting them on own team seems rediculously overpowered. Where is the downside? Even Yoda in swgoh that I play only copies buffs from opponents. Never seen a game where this mechanic is used and that could completely change the viability of so many defensive characters in raids and easily turn the tide in many fights with no downside. Anyone who is lucky enough to get him should level immediately! Honestly, for the investment of one set of Ascension materials you get access to all the best buffs in the game. And ones like Mitsukos my other tank option that I was going to level next that go on all characters will automatically be swapped perfectly. And does it really work on counterattack too? I guess someone said it doesn’t stack so if there are more multiple buffs up you only get one or a better one on your team could be overwritten by whatever you get but this just seems way out of balance. Oh yeah and then he hits three like Elkanen but 70 percent more plus better attack stats. He shouldn’t hit so much if he’s going to steal all those buffs.


The counter is… it does nothing if the enemy team don’t have buffs (ie most vanilla 5* heroes :joy:).

Tbh, it looks like a fun hero. Gl to all who got him.

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I’m not seeing any OP at all, but there have been a few that got past me in the past.

I pulled him and sat him in the bench. I may put Morgan in front of him.

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Umm maybe I’m missing something but take ares…all he does is buff, does no damage and is a decent tank but not that great anymore since there are so many more dispellers than there used to be when he was released. Just pour tiles into him to charge your specials and dispell. I don’t fear him in raids. So now not only is he easily neutered, his only ability becomes a liability. He gives up to 3 enemies 3 turns of 180 healing per turn and 54 percent attack boost and 36 percent crit hit bonus. I will not be using him as a tank anymore once I get the rings to ascend Azlar who is like you said not reliant on buffs. Right now with the low percentages not too many people will have him but as these events repeat it will be like the sea of Guineveres he will become prevalent and a tank I invested money, time, and precious Ascension materials in will have become a liability for defense. I can still use him for offense but it will be a big change to his defensive viability. One characters special ability should not be that influential and centralizing to the meta. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but from reading the card it seems like all his buffs would transfer. Can anyone who has him verify that. I took the non stacking to mean buffs that would normally overwrite each other like two attack buffs.


Back to the Hatter, can he steal Inari’s 3 round dodge buff or does he also have 56% to miss?

Is he misses his shot because of a inari or drake/joon blind/dodge is he still able to steal all dispellable buffs from all enemies?

Thats a great question…im intrigued

Yes, anyone with Inari’s buff has a 56% chance to keep their buffs and gain a Sakura Fox. Each hero must make its own saving throw. I believe that each hero gets only one throw for all buffs; each buff is not tested separately.

Re blinding, it’s the same; Hatter must make a separate saving throw to steal each foe’s buffs. This is consistentbwith how, say, a blinded Sonya debuffs foes.

I just finished up Evelyn; Hatter is now my green project. I don’t think he will make my daily teams, but he will shine in specific raids/war battles when facing buff-happy heroes like Aegir and Alberich.

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I see the Hatter as i see Onatel: fun to play with.
Maybe his stat and “ultimate” dispeller skill make him overall more useful then Onatel, still he is not a “must have” hero, especially in green zone.

But it’s a nice add to your roster and most of all… fun to play with.
As this is a game, people should weight it as much as strenght.

I am curious to see how he will fare, i guess he’d be a must have hero if he was fast.
But he is without a doubt the best dispeller in the game, he is more than a dispeller, he is a stealer! A thief!

Curious what you decided to do here… I’m looking at both of them right now and trying to decide between them myself.

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any thoughts from those using him regularly now? Just got mine to 2-60 but haven’t been using him yet (going all the way once the next four tonics show up, mean time, bringing the first Buddy to completion while waiting)

So my instinct also is that he is very strong, but he isn’t being levelled right now. Reason being my current greens are Evelyn and Caedmon, both of which are fast dispellers. So if hatter fires after them, he doesn’t have anything to steal, and if I hold the others back I’m slowing down two of my five heroes. Also the stack with Evelyn would be ideal for damage maximisation but it reduces buff stealing.

So somehow he’s just not working with my team yet. Will need to level up some other heroes that work well with him before I can invest in Hatter.

I suspect this is the reason we’re not seeing him around more. He doesn’t pair well with dispellers and many teams have strong dispellers that also do other things for the team.

My hatter still sitting 1/1.

Here’s my order of lvling greens, indented for ones I don’t have but if I did get, they would move up to the slotted order.

Eve (done)
Caedmon (done)
Mel (done)
Hansel 2
Eve 2
Caedmon 2
Eve 3,4,5
Atomos (maybe if he’s buffed)

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