I strongly dislike merged topics

It also makes me wonder when a new person posts and then the post get merged into “the ridiculous name a thread” how they end up feeling being told their view is basically ridiculous.

Can you give an example of this happening? I agree that it would be a really bad thing to do. Personally, I feel pretty uncomfortable even linking to one of those threads in another thread, because of the message it sends.

The only thing I’ve ever seen is people mistakenly posting real complaints in those threads, which usually get split out pretty fast.


I’ll go dig for them… Been a lot of posts in tge last week or so…

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I haven’t and never would merge a complaint into The Ridiculous Complaints thread as it’s meant to be satire, not real complaints.

I have seen people put real complaints in there, though, which are typically moved to more appropriate spots.

The other “ridiculous” threads describe something as ridiculous, not the complaint itself, e.g. Summons are ridiculous or Class quests ridiculous — and those are actual complaint threads, with titles chosen by the OPs.


I had ignored this thread until I went searching for what I thought was a minor sub-topic re Wonderland. Lo and behold the major heading of Wonderland seemed to have been merged with every little title I looked at.

The problem is if you try to find the smaller topic, it is lost in the jungle.

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I’m not sure what in particular you went to look for, but there are actually a fair number of Wonderland related threads that are active and open, so maybe one of these will help:

There may be others too, there are enough open that it’s hard to inventory all of them.

EDIT: here’s another one that just popped up: No more Tanks! Or all Tanks!

This is a good example of where thread titles can be challenging. Would you have guessed that thread is about Cheshire Cat?


Agree. I like to search forum by thread topic. If a thread topic have a specific problem/issue, I think mod shouldn’t merge it. It is easier to tackle a specific issue in smaller thread rather than searching it in a jungle.


Agreed! Only duplicates should be merged.

I must have misread something or a mistake was made. I can’t find the post I was looking for. Either way my bad.


I did a search on closed posts in the last month myself too, just to make sure. That would have been really bad. One of those rare cases where I’m really glad NOT to have found something while searching :slightly_smiling_face:


You do have the ability to edit the title, yes?

Yes, and I (or someone) normally do in cases where it’s unclear — that was what I was referring to, from earlier when discussing post titles:

This was what I was getting at — post titles like that typically have to be edited for there to be much hope of someone guessing the topic, or even finding it via search.

And honestly, that title actually wasn’t that vague in the scheme of typical ones.

There are a lot of posts created every day with titles like “help,” “is this right?,” “have you seen this?,” etc. — you may not see them though, because moderators and forum regulars try to edit them for clarity, and are actually usually pretty on top of them.

FYI, There are currently approximately 75 forum users who can edit post titles or recategorize posts.


I too thing things get merged too quickly. Some clearly need to be merged (especially bugs), but many can work there way in peace. The ones that are mostly challenging are those that are merged with long ago posts. Sometimes it’s easier just to have a quick thread to discuss something. Hope this makes some sense.


You don’t need to list a lot right to explain the wrong. A lot right won’t cover uo how it can be abused. You can use money legally in tons of situstions. It however says none about whether you use them illegslly under the same anong of situations.

And, the majority of the work is first rate; however, as the number of posts has grown (will leave quality out of this), more things are being lumped together and pinned. How big does the font have to be for TL;DR. Let some of those merge-eligible threads die.

Me too. It’s quicker to navigate through as well.


It seems like the Wonderland heroes thread is the sticking point in this discussion, and we’ve already had good insights above on how to handle that sort of thing better next time.

I’ll also reiterate that the messiness of that thread is nearly entirely not the result of mergers — it grew organically. The post title was updated to cover what people were actually already discussing.

Of the 230+ posts in that thread, something like 8 are from the merges that prompted this discussion.

So if the main complaint is that people talk about too many different things in some threads…I agree.

If you want to contribute to fixing that, start new, specific topics with clear titles when you see threads getting bulky. That way there are separate topics for people to go to.

And if a stray “good” topic with a single post and no responses was merged in — by me or someone else — I apologize.


I don’t agree. That may have started it, but I’ve been feeling this way for a while. I think we’re too quick to merge. I feel shorter threads are easier to read and navigate. Yes, merge duplicates. Especially those from the same day. But when you really need to search out and find a match, it probably doesn’t need to be merged. The average user doesn’t do that and this could frustrate them when they come for help.


It’s harder for me personally to speak to that then — it predates me being one of the mods and having any decision making in that.

I agree with this. This is definitely what I think should happen too.

I agree with this for discussions — less so for #ideas-feature-requests and #bugs-issues, which are actually what is more often merged. Those don’t get SG’s attention when there are a ton of duplicates with a single post each.

(Also, SG itself has said no duplicates allowed for that reason.)

The average user not searching before creating topics is what causes any of this in the first place. :wink:


I agree with most of what you said. Bugs and features are ideal for this feature. While you haven’t been a mod too long, you have flagged similar ones for merge. I was referring to items like that.

That said, I’m not gonna reply again here. I hope you don’t feel I’m attacking you. I think you do a good job. I’m just trying to give some constructive feedback. Keep making the forum a better place! :blush:


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