🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

Yeah a lot of people may think it is insane to spend that kind of money on ham but it was worth it to me to get a hero to the level I need them at for war. My alliance is sporting 6 to 8 tokened out Kunchens so getting a good purple mid was important to me. Sartana doesn’t seem to hold up even tokened out.

My alliance has purple mids and at the level we are sartana doesn’t cut it unfortunately. Glad I am not the only one

It would sweet that there was a chance for past hotm or “old” event hero’s in a tc. As a c2p player. I don’t get many chances to buy such hero’s.
Sure the current tc20 hero’s arent all bad. But let’s face it without event hero’s/ or hotm you can’t compete.

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Right but they’re becoming more and more obsolete when new HOTMs and new event heroes are introduced. Seshat is better than Sartana or Domitia, for example. Kunchen is better than Vivica. Wait a year and classic heroes will become even more underpowered…


The world has gone mad if an emblemed Sartana doesn’t cut it lol, what chance do mere mortals like me have

Although as tank it’s different I guess

I am only referring to tank position; she just doesn’t have the shield to take the hits like other tanks do. I love her on offense or in defensive flank position. I call her lady death for a reason lol.


Current alchemy lab sucks. Got it.
Alchemy lab is being revised. Got it.
While there is a place for the alchemy lab, why isn’t a marketplace being tested? You wanted a Dblade and pulled poison darts instead? Throw it on the marketplace. It would make the lab more useful.


They had better not let us use gems to convert mats. That wont work at all.
My piece


Will the Stronghold 22 be available when ri reach level 5 Advanced iron Storage??? I’m currently getting the 3rd

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If I build Hero Academy and Alchemy Lab, in addition to my Barracks and Lodge, I will place Hero Academy over my third Forge. And move Alchemy Lab from my third Forge to a Farm Level 20 ( see below for math ).

But currently I do not plan to build Alchemy Lab at all, so I will not need to find a place for a fourth, type R, Advanced building.

Type L are equivalent to Level 21.
Type R are replacement buildings.

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What is really annoying, I can’t convert adv building to forge if both my builders are busy. And upgrading advanced buildings take days.
It would be nice to pause construction to temporarily release a builder just to convert building, or allow conversion between already constructed buildings without builder.


Yesterday I began to play DSP too… There, the cost of a food or iron refill is dozens of gems, not thousands. The cost here is ridiculous. It’s not a game as captivating as E&P, even if are almost identical, still, they did some smart things in the base. Like you can upgrade a TC or do a research even if the TC is running in the same time. SG could learn something from them…

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A post was merged into an existing topic: :test_tube: Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23]

Beta Update

The first version of Costumes has been released to Beta, which is the new name for what was originally shown in the 2019 Sneak Peak as Skins.

This feature is extensive, and extremely likely to change.

It will take me some time to write up full explanations of how it works currently, and all of the Costumes in Beta. In the meantime, I’ve created a thread with initial information and discussion:

=> 🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23]


So let me see if i am right…
1 - They have tested Alchemy lab -> Submitted for correction of errors and improvements…
2 - They have tested new event heroes -> Submitted for correction of errors and improvements…
3 - They’re now testing Customs -> they’ll go for correction of errors and improvements…

Wow… thats a lot of things the’re working on … i would expect some off thoose along with hero academy to come again for new testing soon.

Probably some releases only for september/october right?


Yeah, plus I think they’re also working on Season 3 and Hero Academy somewhere in the mix.

So there’s a ton being worked on, and much of it definitely won’t be released for a while.


I dont know. This remeinds me of the early Everquest game which was very interesting and quite challenging to play. Then they dumbed it down and made it easyer and easyer to play, to please the crowd, until it got quite boring and became run of the mill.

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I’m not talking about making this game easier. But some things are ridiculous and SG doesn’t bother to implement a few basic features. We don’t even have on the screen the number of the current stage in missions, from 1 to 5. Simple as it is, would be very helpful for most of the players. But this, about the cost of food and iron, it’s most ridiculous thing. The only thing we can expect from SG, it is the indifference. Don’t make the mistake to think that the new things added are for the players. It’s for their pockets.


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