🧪 Early Information on the new Challenge Event Heroes (Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, and Wonderland) [Part of The Beta Beat v23]

It means that he would hit the first heroes form left and the first one from the right.

When only one hero would be alive both of his strikes would hit the same target and it would deals 550% dmg + DoT


Impressive, that’s awesome. Shame they made it a monk.

I thought the new heroes would be available at this event…When are we going to have Snow White and puss in boots?

Timing isn’t known yet, even by Staff. Please see this post.

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They initially said that the new pirates heroes would be released in September. Hope that’s true. That would mean one more regular event and then new heroes for the foreseeable future after.

Suggestion: make the white rabbit female

White Rabbit’s design is less male/female, and more…

…homicidal maniac. :thinking:


Oooooo! Like that Disney zombies fanart series?

I’m not sure I’ve seen that, but one person said it reminded them of the killer bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

WARNING: kind of graphic



So is it like an actual rabbit then? Not like Frida or Azlar or even the guardians?

I found the link. They are not all zombies

May be disturbing



It’s like Frida or Azlar, in that it’s a anthropomorphic design, but its features are more sinister looking, particularly its face. The art style is a little sharper too, it doesn’t feel as smoothed over, rounded, and polished as details on Frida, for instance.

Frida has a little bit of a plastic look, White Rabbit does not.


Ummmm…huh? Isn’t the dance a skill, not a hero? If it was a hero, wouldn’t it then be the caster, who is already dead? I’m confoozed…

The other allies become “dancers.”

Basically if Gazelle dies, the “dancing” allies take a hit and lose their mana.


All heroes except the Gazelle (the caster) start dancing when the buff is active, according to the skill description:

That means that all her teammates become “dancers” when her buff is active.

Also means that, if the Gazelle is KO’d while her buff is active, all her allies suffer the 96% damage and the mana loss.


Agreed. Those caricatures remind me of much less polished Boris Vallejo artwork, which were at least modeled by real people.

Not to sound like any sort of feminist (womanist, wth-ever), but it’s laughable that as far as I can think of, the only humanistic type female hero to even remotely resemble something real life is Margaret, who is complete non sexy and even mannish.
We’ve got fat male heroes like Friar Tuck, Kiril, etc but besides Margaret and Mother North, all of the women have Barbie proportions.

At the risk of sounding crass, I do realize that these games are generally designed by men who create characters that basement dwellers love to fantasize about, however there are also those of us who are older, don’t give a single crap about needing lotion and a towel nearby, and would just like to see some regular, normal or even average looking females who kick major butt!

Maybe give the “ugly” ones really covetable abilities and increase the desirability that way, rather than just having unrealistic eye candy. Added bonus of lowering real life expectations when the dwellers finally emerge into the real world, lol


Okay, thanks all for the clarification. To me, it just didn’t read that way. Also, IMHO that’s super lame to punish all allies to that extent! Blah

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@zephyr1 Shouldn’t it say dancerS then, not just dancer?

Haha, I’ve been saying this in past posts of the thread :smiley: Gazelle looks like a high risk hero, and I’m not sure if the high risk will be worth the reward.

Obviously nothing is set in stone until she’s released, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she drops off defense teams soon afterwards if nothing changes. She’ll probably be better in offense though, where the AI isn’t smart enough to single target her.


It perhaps could have, but the description is framed as being about each ally dancing the Dance of Spirits, so the details of Dance of Spirits are explained as being about a particular individual dancer.

That’s in keeping with how most of the other cards are written, describing effects on a single target, regardless of whether the initial cast affects multiple targets.


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