Test Your Might (Top 50 alliance)

Top 50 alliance seeking strong players

Can you score 5 million on Mystic Titan?
Can you score 2 million on Alliance Quest?

Then this is the place for you. We’re a competitive yet friendly alliance. Supporting each other. While having fun!

If you’re fed up of constantly being let down with Alliance Wars, Quests & Mystic Titans or just Titans…. You won’t find that here.

Drop me a message on Line @Lace2022 or contact MKBill



Hey all! Test your might is prepping for the next AQ in October. We are seeking strong players who can easily score over 2m points in order to compete for the Top 100 spot.
If you’re part of a chill alliance, but fancy competing. We’re open to have players join us the 5 day event. But you gotta be as passionate about it as we are. :wink:
Message me on line if you’re interested in being added to the waiting list. @lace2022

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