Looking for a clan for Alliance Quest this month

Ok, this is the first time I opened a new Topic.

I am in a small alliance filled by bunch people I love but the problem is, they are mostly casual players and often two or three of them don’t spend war flags, don’t hit titan for days and so on. So, they never unlock Legendary tier of Alliance Quest.
I am not a casual player and like to compete for Challenge Event higher reward tiers and Alliance Quest too.

So, first one or two things about my results in those events.
I do top10000 in rare, around top 6-7k spot and top5000 in epic around 3-4.5k spot. In Legendary I go for top10000 and don’t force it any further.
In Alliance Quest I finish rare and epic with score around 1.3M.

So, to sum this all up, I am looking for somewhat competitive alliance I could visit for the upcoming Alliance Quest and try to compete for top1000 or at least comfortably unlock Legendary tier.
If someone does want me to visit, please post here.

P.S. my titan scores are around 50k per hit if no battle items used to up to my PB at 176k so I can help you there too but it’s up to you as my main interest is Alliance quest for those 5 days


You’re more than welcome to visit us out at TBD: Part Deux.

We’re casually competitive, tend to be in the top 1k for alliance events when full, or top 3k if not. There’s no pressure for scores, we just do well. We cap at 12* Titans (except if rare) and have players from all over. We’re a friendly, welcoming bunch. Knock and say hi, we’re always happy to meet new people!


I’ll back up @JaR82

Come and visit us :green_heart:

I’m sure you won’t regret

We are extremely nice and cool at the same time :green_heart:

visit us out at TBD: Part Deux.



Still have a spot?

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Nope we are full at the moment.

@Kenji69666 if you havn’t found a home yet The Misfits of Death are looking

Come and join us at HamNation. We currently have a few spaces as we have had to remove a few people for lack of participation.


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