TEST YOUR MIGHT - Formally known as Too Tough For Titans!

We are looking for enthusiastic, top players to join our rebranded alliance! These members have achieved as high as global #6!! Our goal is to strive for number -#1! :trophy:

Test your might is only 4 days old… and we are already fighting 12/13 star titans! :star_struck:

With you…. We will easily chain 14s once again and hit that sweet global spot :wink:

Send me a message if you have any questions. Or contact our amazing Leader - MKBill



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Hi! Do you need a Line messenger?

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Hi Nikita. We do use Line. You can contact our leader MKBill. Or myself Lace2022

The reason we use it, is so it’s easy to send a notification if we need to alert you on war flags.
You don’t have to participate in the chats. And can mute it if necessary. :relaxed:

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Hi all! Still looking for strong members to fill up our rebranded alliance - after a much needed break.

Or would consider a Merg! - but would like to take full ownership.

We are 19 members strong - aiming to be a top alliance once again. :smile::smile:


23+ levelled rainbow troops
30+ 5* Fully levelled Heroes
Participation in Alliance Quest and Events to reach top 100.
Trophies: 2400 to join. But must aim to keep them above 2500 at all times.

Message me here. Or you can message me on line at Lace2022

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Hey all! Mystic Titan very soon! If anyone is looking to aim for top of the boards, but you’re alliance casual players may be holding you back, why not considering joining us and pushing?

We also then have Alliance Quest on Thursday. Take a break from the casual play style and come aim high with us!

Contact Lace2022 or MKBill on line.

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We are gearing up for the Alliance Quest in 10 days. You want top 100? So do we. Contact me if interested. We can work with you on the requirements if you are close.

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4 spaces left after war. :relaxed:

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1 spot open here at Test your Might. Achieve Top 100 in Mystic Titans & Events.
Almost at Top 100 alliance. Will you be the one to take us there? :smile:

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