Team A or team B?

Team A:

Team B:

Any suggestion of another heroes ORDER? I really appreciate it!

Team A looks better than Team B.

B is much faster, lethal and better defense. But are these all the 5* you have? Any other average would be better than Thorne (which is the worst legendary in the game, though some players would vote Mok’ar).


I have Magni too, do you think he will perform better in defense?

yes 100 times over

always Magni over thorne



and those players would be wrong

Lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: What do you think? Faster and protected by Kunchen is in the best position there.

Hahaha, got it, so i’ll see now if i take Sartana or I take Khagan (to go rainbow)

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i would go rainbow with your team

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