Teaching Alliances


Collateral Damage
Line ID: Difsgirl for any questions



A hammock and mai tai awaits you.
-Strong core of active, mid-tier members
-Roleplay optional. Fun encouraged.
-No drama. No trolling. No stalking.
New players welcome. We will train you.


The time zone and\or nationality of alliance would be useful as well.


MegaManaMen Leader: Taz


Triple Moon is for totally new players. Small, open to all as long as respectful.
Also have a Discord channel that can be used


The German Alliance “Elite Bieraten” is open for everyone. Come join us and grow with us!


Errant Light
We are a medium strength team (4-6* titan level) with no trophy requirement. We have a very active and helpful chat board and we are very team focused.


We also take beginners. Come and grow with us




Holy Wolves - We all try to learn and help one another as much as possible. Thanks for this thread NPNKY

Currently hitting 6-7* Titans. 200 trophy minimum.


Titan-hunters used to be a great teaching alliance with multiple 3000+ people helping build and develop their team… Now however you need 800 trophies… you should be able to join with a team of 2500+ which is still achievable fairly quickly


The Cheshire Cat


ZERO ORIGINS is recruiting. Search Origins.



Holy Wolves are currently seeking 2 new members. We are steadily getting better and are looking for dedicated players that want to learn and will grow with us. Thanks. 200 Trophy minimum. Just search for Holy Wolves and apply today. -Lord Rostov


Loki’s Lair is wanting active players to come over and learn from experienced players! Information sharing in chat and line app to help members be succesful and grow to greater heights. Level up with a fun team to take down titans and play together to win the wars! 800 cups to join! Check us out! We are an active alliance!


Netherworld is an alliance of both new inexperienced players and experienced players. We are happy to teach new players and help them grow. No trophy or power requirements. We are an active discord based alliance and work together as a team. We have an ever-growing database of knowledge, experts available to help, and bots to help players as well. Everyone in our alliance has a voice in shaping the alliance. We’re friendly and drama free! For more information, please see our recruiting post found here:



East of the equator offers one on one advice and have an extensive library. No need to join our alliance, this is not a recruiting ad, come check us out and ask us anything game related.


L alliance des guerriers


BASTION OF THE ORDER. Sister alliance Knights of the Order.