Teaching Alliances

Ghost Man- Leader Ghostly Warrior(this is my second account to help teach new people)
Let us teach you and answer any questions you might have about the game.

Dark Nova…supportive, casual and informative. Move up to Dark Inferno when ready. Members are from all over the world, though we are predominantly English speaking.

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Pet Project Mini
place to learn how to play with us, and then jump into Pet Project

PP is war oriented
PPM is also a vacation alliance of PP

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ReConDogs is hoping to fill our ranks with eager young recruits.

Holy Wolves are looking for 2 new members. 200 trophy minimum. 6 and 7* Titans. Join today and let us help you become a better player

The Redneck Squires, training new players for The Royal Knights.

SIXTH ELEMENT. Just some friendly folks enjoying the game. If you are a new and active player feel free to join and grow with us. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the stars lounge is a teaching allaince for the alliance chain For The Stars*). We have awesome active teachers and advancement possibilities

The ZERO family of alliances has 6 alliances with different playstyles and titan levels. We are a friendly competitive group, helping each other to grow and having fun on the way - common Line group chat across all alliances. All ZERO alliances are full participation.


Please consider our training alliance Zero genesis! We have experienced players and friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Taken down post.
20 times sorry

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My Alliance - Nacho Bacon Squad are always willing to take on new or experienced members. Looking to grow our alliance and help others along the way. Active laid back alliance willing to help as much as needed.

FA Recruits is our training alliance. We love to help new players grow. Members will have the opportunity to advance to Friends & Allies when ready. Join us!

Alliance language is german

Athena’s Shield

New alliance currently with 2* Titan. lots of resources for new players.

trophy requirement waived for truly active players. find us on line chat Athena’s Shield

Newly formed alliance " completed it mate" cant be used as training alliance or stepping stone for newer players

How do I make a recruitment post? I’m not seeing anywhere an option to creat post

You have to be on the forum for a little while and read a certain number of threads to unlock the ability to start a new one.

Knights of the Cross is a mentoring alliance where we all learn & grow together, sharing tips & strategies & celebrating victories.

Welcome to the Forum! Please see this thread for details on requirements for creating a new topic:

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