Tahir – 5* Fire / Red - August 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I have maybe a naive question… Does Lewena’s special count as an “ailment”?

Yes it does, indeed.

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why not? If it makes a little icon on the other side, which I believe it does then it´s an ailment (with the one exception of shared damage AFAIK)

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Yes, shared damage is a buff, not an ailment. And I think that’s indeed the only case where one team gives a buff to the opposite one.

Cool! It’s just a weird special. I have issues bc I stripped my CGM of emblems, CVanda as well, don’t have Marj costume… So looking to use this guy’s talents properly.

Still deciding though I have surplus rings…

Glad you brought that to my mind!
I was thinking of pairing Tahir with C Marjana but now I can also pair him with Lewena alone or all 3! C Marjana, Lewena, and finish any C Marjana hit enemy with Tahir!

On the other hand… it will take me a few months to finish Lewena and Tahir lol so aint getting too excited for this combo. I will make sure to Max Tahir first since C Marjana is already maxed!


Can anyone share a picture of Tahir 70-3? :slight_smile:

What for? For his stats? They are all there already:

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So, from this 952 attack emblemed for attack? Did I get that right?:joy: LBd…

HotM has the same chance to show up everywhere, but I assume most people won’t have many Villain/Circus/Slayer heroes and none of bards so Challenge festival II looks like top choice.

Otherwise I nabbed this guy while I went for Gulli’s costume. Once I am done with Peridot I will work on him, as I lack fully ascended red sniper (Marj showed up as last S1 hero for me).


lewana + sun shan + ares and final 3/70Tahir = 1019

lewana+tahir = 498

just tahir= 385


Another good HotM, with another on the way for next month. Keep up the good work SGG!

I am currently working on C.BK but once he is done i can work on Tahir, who will pair nicely with Emilio and Hypnos :+1:


No, power isn’t attack, power is power :rofl: power is the stat on the top right of a hero card. It’s calculated with the base (before talents and costume bonus*) attack, defense and health points stats, + 5 power per SS level up (so 35 for 8/8 SS) and + 5 power per talent node.
* I actually need to check how costume bonus impacts a hero’s power but I assume it’s a fixed value like SS or talents.

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I always assumed it was just the increase in attack/defense/health from costume bonus that affects the power increase…so it should have a bigger power increase on heroes with higher base power?

Indeed, I did the math to check and the costume bonus’s stat improvement is part of the base stats and thus directly used in the power calculation based on the stats, it’s not a fixed offset. Which is not the case for talent’s stat improvement which always gives a fixed 5 power point increase. Also, the additive stat increase talents are not part of the base stats so the multiplicative stat increase talents do not take the former talents into account, but do take in the costume bonus’s stat improvement as it’s part of the base stats.

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Got 2 copies already and I am not sure if I should keep both or just one.

Any ideas guys?

Level 1… If you love him, and you have emblems, level a second. I’m not sure this is one i would love… But to each his own.

Tahir’s element link worths to keep two copies. There are so many fiend heroes around. :slight_smile:


Do you know this?

Costume bonus just affects the base stats, so enter the new stats into the formula and you’re done.

Little disclaimer: the topic is old and I don’t know if the formula is still the same.

Nop, I didn’t know that post and I figured the formula out myself. I actually got the same. I just didn’t work on the costume bonus part until yesterday. Figured costume bonus’s stat increase just goes in the base stats as I stated in my previous post.

I actually have the formula to calculate the base stats on every level of a hero too. Not sure if anyone else figured this one out too. Also got the one for DoT damage calculation.
EIDT: read a bit more of the topic you shared, indeed seems like no one got the base stats formula over level up and ascension exactly right over there. I should wrap it up nicely to share it someday.