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They need to change the system … 8000 gems for a 30 pull is like $80. Getting 0 5* for that is total garbage. At that price point they should have it that you are guaranteed 1 5* with a possibility of more. Guaranteeing just 1 5* would still take a lot to get every one of them. Or if that’s not lucrative how about a bar that you fill up by summoning and gives you a 5* at like 50. I’ve spent around $500 and the only 5* I have are Kagan and Mitsuko. I’ve been ripped off, this is garbage and not fun at all with nothing to show for what I’ve invested. It would still take a considerable amount to get all heroes. There’s nothing wrong with making them more available to the player base.


I hear you! Last month I did a 30 pull on Atlantis and got 3 kageburados, 1 musashi, and 1 evelyn hotm and a bunch of nice 4*'s. I thought it was a ridiculous summon!

I agree a member from my alliance has spent a lot of money for a year and a half and only has 2 five stars it’s really not fair. But it’s not the devs fault is ours for continuing to spend money.


Well, thank you for letting us know.


If spending money aint lead players to top100 then its another ridiculous conspiracy here, that CP & 7DD and their co-allies players are all working for SGG so that they have all 5☆ in the game!
Omg why I have never thought about that before?


There have been many suggested changes. Merely improving the odds does not eliminate the risk of doing 30, 60, 90, whatever summons without getting a good hero.

My suggestion for an improvement is here: Something a little more certain for your spend - shards?. The new emblem system is along these lines—small, frequent and random drops that reward grinding.

Any change is a tricky balance. If you make it more certain that spending a lot wins a good hero, then it seems likely that there will also be reduced odds of getting the hero on a limited budget. People who spend a lot should have more goodies, but not all the goodies. This issue has also been discussed at length and shouldn’t be rehashed here. See, e.g. RNG Taken Too Far!


I’ve spent around 150 over the last year and have 2 5 stars and 110 hero slots.My 2 5 stars are 70 currently.The bigger problem here is materials Imo.I think knowing we’re all gonna spend a little bit of coin if u think for 1 second that u will find yourself in the top 100 your foolishness is as bad as your luck.get your recruits up training camp to 20 and pull them for free.I really wish I new about the some of these little things 8 months ago I could have been running 5 star legendary pulls day and night and most likely I would be sitting on a lot more.

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That sounds like an argument for closing or merging the thread. Because if we aren’t going to talk about the balance issue here (which is what contextualizes the OP’s concern), that leaves us with “weather” and “sports”.


I feel you, but I like the comparison to lottery. I spent around 25 euros a month and play for 4 month now. I stopped spending, cause it will take months to level the heroes i have. I don’t wanna teach you, but it’s also greed wanting to have every hero. I recommend staying with what you have and enjoy leveling and getting stronger, if you pay that amount of money, you will never be happy. And by the way, I always have to laugh when people either declare the 7dds to their godlike heroes, or are angry with them in ways of conspiracy against casual players. Stay cool, love playing and make a trip to Vegas with your money :slight_smile:


I’m always amazed at the people who defend this game and the developlers. Sure it’s a gamble to spend money, but to be this unlucky is unacceptable. You guys back the devs and bash the person writing their opinions in this forum for why? Come on now, a person’s luck can’t be that bad just because. I’ve played this game over a 1.5 and have yet to receive a single five star hero. I haven’t spent much money compared to many, but I’ve done numerous summons only to receive basic hero’s, some 4s. I quite often received 2 or 3 or the same 3* hero’s consecutively. If this is like buying lottery tickets as some of you say, this should also be rare, but its not. In fact it has been so common with me, that I expect it to happen. People pay for the opportunity to get better hero’s so even with your gambling or lottery analogies this is still garbage to be this hapless. I’m not buying that some people are just that lucky and summon a great 5* hero with one or two summons and others of us are just so terribly unlucky. I think its intentional! Say what you want, but this is MY OPINION.


There are those who play because they love to complain about the “unfair” summons and then, there are those who play because they love the game… I can guarantee this can be a great game without spending one cent, just as well as some people here picture it like a money sucking black hole nightmare…


How much fun is it to lose all the time, to battle opponents with 3-5 , 5* hero’s with little chance of winning? The possibility of winning is likely what’s fun. It’s ridiculous to say someone plays because they want to complain. What an asinine statement!


Are you tending to do elemental summons, event summons, Atlantis summons, or the epic hero summons?

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Atlantis due to the variety, the best heroes and the 30 pull option.

Con is the higher price, but I think it’s worth it, if one think, summons are worth it at all.

Lose all the time? Little chance of winning? What are you talking about?! That may be your case, definitely not mine… And yes, most of this thread belongs in the Ridiculous Complains Thread… Menacing a multi - million dollar company that they will gather their 100 $ a month toys and quit playing? I can picture the S.G. heads rolling on the floor, laughing, while their accounts fill-up every day without them lifting a finger… If this game shuts down today, any of those in command would be richer than 90% of those complaining about not getting the HOTM put together. Nobody forces anybody to open their wallets, the chances of successful draws are clearly stated, only thing someone is entitled to complain about is making a bad judgement call about buying all those gems, knowing they won’t probably get anything close to what they want. The algorithm doesn’t care that you want Kageburado. Your chance of getting him is 1.2% for every 350 gems you buy. And those chances don’t stack like same color heroes… it’s 1.2% for every pull, no matter how many times you draw… still feeling lucky? Buy some more gems!


Agreed, but embedded in the higher cost is the ascention item. Yeah, its random which one 4* or 5*, but that’s at least some concelatory prize.

Hi there i just want to thank this game for pathetic free summons. I played alot at the second stage and collected over 300 tokens. Guess what 2 of the same 3 star and another 3 star. Getting good heroes is not luck is not by chance it is about how much money you are willing to spend. I did that as well and i will not spend even 1 cent on it again. My friend is playing longer than a year and never 1 5 star. For this reasons i rate this game a 0 out of 100. Wait for energy wait for gems wait for accention items and then getting poor heroes after playing your hart out. Mandatory updates every other day. War is still a problem! I think i just about had it with this game and will not recommend it for anyone. I wish someone had told me this then i would not have wasted my time and money on it.


And could keep going and going.

So read those threads and then some then come back and complain about free summons again so the community can get a good laugh

By the way if it makes you feel better, i pulled athena last month with free atlantis tokens

But i have spent my fair share of money

Game is free to play
Pay to compete

Just the way it is. Want a competitive edge like nice fun shiny new 5*? Pay for it like everyone else or hope you get extremely lucky, but to expect great 5* for free from summons is a ridiculous expectation

Good luck


I used all my atlantis token and gems attempting to get some juicy new season 2 heroes (not pretending for a legendary, even just epic).

Out of 20 summons all i get was only 3* (but none Melia, lol) and 1 Ameonna.
I know your feelings.


And the funniest thing since I started this thread my raiding has gone from around 30% win rate to around 10% win rate. Imagine that…

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