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The event summons, elemental summons and summons in general in this game are absolutely ridiculous. The devs of this game couldn’t care less about the people actually spending money on this game and paying their salaries. They have driven many many players away and have many more that have stopped spending because of their ridiculous greed and ridiculous summons. I spent $300.00 on this Atlantis summons with over 120 pulls, I had some hero tokens as well that I used, and got garbage 4*, garbage 3*, my 2nd absolutely useless Obakan ( he has got to be the sorriest 5* in the game) and my 3rd Vivica. In the past I have spent considerable money and gotten absolutely no 5*. With the results of previous summons and this last screwing I just took I will not be spending another penny on this game and will no longer support the greed of the devs of this game. People post often how they use one hero token and not only get an awesome legendary hero but also the HOTM, yet someone who regularly spends considerable amounts of money on this game such as I do gets screwed coming and going continually. Seriously $300.00 with over 120 pulls most definitely warrants the HOTM, but not in the eyes of these greedy devs. I urge everyone reading this who spends money on this game to stop spending until the devs get a clue and start giving us real value for the money we spend. After all the reason we spend is to get the better heroes and become stronger and when we continually get cheated like this why spend. Two months in a row I spent considerable amounts of money going after the HOTM and got nothing but garbage. Last month was over 100 pulls with ZERO legendary heroes. Again I will not spend one penny more on this ridiculous summons system and urge everyone to follow suit to force these greedy devs to make the summons system more fair to those of us who actually pay their salaries.

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Thank you for confirming my choice to stay cheap to play, you are very unlucky.


I recommend not to spend so much Money on gacha.


Do you buy lottery tickets BFD ??? Because that’s what your doing here basically, your spending money on a chance, not a guarentee of getting something…As long as you keep that in mind, that your not “buying” heros then you’ll enjoy it so much more…It’s like going to Vegas and playing the slots, sure your disappointed if you don’t hit the jackpot, but you were never guarenteed to either


as of now, i’m disappointed summoning 10 hero using gems but no 5 star ang bonus draw.


honestly a while ago I was also very upset that the system is like it is. I mean I’m just a C2P player, but I felt a little betrayed after spending money and not getting anything.

but now I actually prefer it the way it is. like Rey008 said, it’s a gamble. otherwise everyone would just buy all 5* Heroes without even working towards it and earning it.

imo it’s better the way it is, even though I am also a one unlucky bastard


This game has not failed in what it says it would do, the odds of each summons are clearly laid out on each summon page, pressing the question mark, will expand menu to show the odds.

Now, I do not think devs or the company have issues here, be it that the company is set up to make money, yet they ain’t forcing anyone to spend, they simply laid out a gambling machine such that you will find in any casino, it is has always been the choice of the spender, sometimes you win and a lot of the time you lose, it all depends on luck or say chance.

Last Atlantis, I did 10 pulls and it didn’t bring any hero I didn’t have, so I stopped. This time I have done 30 pulls looking for just 1 hero Kageburado, and I did made up my mind that all other 29 heroes would be fodders, I didn’t get Kage but got Delilah and Inari, those are what my luck could give.

There is simply no reason to suck or get mad, you can always try again next time. Summon in this game is based on chance the sooner anyone realize that the easier to handle.


That make two of us then.
Sadly I’ve learned the hard way summons are not what we would like, or hope. This was my last paid summon.


Ever checked the odds? If so you would never expect to get them with a 10x summon. The odds do not stack. So it is still luck.
It took me about 10 month to get my first 5* not to speak of a HOTM.


Some of us are lucky some of the time and some are not lucky…This time luck was with me on a 30x and 2 10x rolls


only 100 coins from Atlantis :joy:

Atlantis last month with 2x summons only 01 Ares :grinning:


They need to change the system … 8000 gems for a 30 pull is like $80. Getting 0 5* for that is total garbage. At that price point they should have it that you are guaranteed 1 5* with a possibility of more. Guaranteeing just 1 5* would still take a lot to get every one of them. Or if that’s not lucrative how about a bar that you fill up by summoning and gives you a 5* at like 50. I’ve spent around $500 and the only 5* I have are Kagan and Mitsuko. I’ve been ripped off, this is garbage and not fun at all with nothing to show for what I’ve invested. It would still take a considerable amount to get all heroes. There’s nothing wrong with making them more available to the player base.


I hear you! Last month I did a 30 pull on Atlantis and got 3 kageburados, 1 musashi, and 1 evelyn hotm and a bunch of nice 4*'s. I thought it was a ridiculous summon!

I agree a member from my alliance has spent a lot of money for a year and a half and only has 2 five stars it’s really not fair. But it’s not the devs fault is ours for continuing to spend money.


Well, thank you for letting us know.


If spending money aint lead players to top100 then its another ridiculous conspiracy here, that CP & 7DD and their co-allies players are all working for SGG so that they have all 5☆ in the game!
Omg why I have never thought about that before?


There have been many suggested changes. Merely improving the odds does not eliminate the risk of doing 30, 60, 90, whatever summons without getting a good hero.

My suggestion for an improvement is here: Something a little more certain for your spend - shards?. The new emblem system is along these lines—small, frequent and random drops that reward grinding.

Any change is a tricky balance. If you make it more certain that spending a lot wins a good hero, then it seems likely that there will also be reduced odds of getting the hero on a limited budget. People who spend a lot should have more goodies, but not all the goodies. This issue has also been discussed at length and shouldn’t be rehashed here. See, e.g. RNG Taken Too Far!


I’ve spent around 150 over the last year and have 2 5 stars and 110 hero slots.My 2 5 stars are 70 currently.The bigger problem here is materials Imo.I think knowing we’re all gonna spend a little bit of coin if u think for 1 second that u will find yourself in the top 100 your foolishness is as bad as your luck.get your recruits up training camp to 20 and pull them for free.I really wish I new about the some of these little things 8 months ago I could have been running 5 star legendary pulls day and night and most likely I would be sitting on a lot more.

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That sounds like an argument for closing or merging the thread. Because if we aren’t going to talk about the balance issue here (which is what contextualizes the OP’s concern), that leaves us with “weather” and “sports”.


I feel you, but I like the comparison to lottery. I spent around 25 euros a month and play for 4 month now. I stopped spending, cause it will take months to level the heroes i have. I don’t wanna teach you, but it’s also greed wanting to have every hero. I recommend staying with what you have and enjoy leveling and getting stronger, if you pay that amount of money, you will never be happy. And by the way, I always have to laugh when people either declare the 7dds to their godlike heroes, or are angry with them in ways of conspiracy against casual players. Stay cool, love playing and make a trip to Vegas with your money :slight_smile:


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