RNG Taken Too Far!

I understand the random aspect of this game and how odds work, but I have skipped summoning monthly events for 3 months and taken it easy for Atlantis in anticipation or Mitsuko and Inari as I wanted them. This was the first time I’ve gone all out summoning and in 120 summons (two 30x, two 10x and 40 singles) did not receive a single 5 star. That is excessive and in my mind unacceptable. As a paying customer I am quite disappointed as odds say I should have received 2 to 3 standard/event 5 stars as well as 1 or 2 heroes of the month.

I know nothing will come of this, but this has to stop. It is not fair to paying customers to see such astronomically bad odds happen to one individual.


Wow, that really hurt.
Sadly extreme good luck as we see in this forum (like 1 pull and 1 featured hero and/or bonus, so 2 in one shot) means someone somewhere has an extreme bad luck like yourself.
I really hope that’s the first time it happen to you, and honestly i even hope it is the last one.

Something like this may really lead you to just FU everything, especially if your monthly budget is not that high.

Stay strong bro.


As @Elpis said, that really sucks and we all feel for you.

The odds are published and the odds of a 5* are 2.5% with an extra small possibility for the hotm.

With 120 summons, unfortunately it’s still not an anomaly to get no 5*.

Hopefully you got some good 4* that are of use, but I appreciate that’s cold comfort.


My monthly budget was exceeded, but really wanted Mitsuko. Skipped Pirates, Grimforest, Guardians and Halloween Events entirely for this only to watch it all fade away. The only 4 star in the game I desire other than event heroes currently unavailable is Rigard and I didn’t even get him.

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I agree with this 100%

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Your notion that nothing good will come out of you voicing your opinion is correct. I had the same fate the last time the Knights event came out. I was so annoyed that I sent them an email regarding my summons. I’ll post both my email and their response here for you to read.


Good day

I purchased a few summon packages earlier today and was bewildered with the results. For this event,I gained the following results:

11 Rigards
5 Cyprians
3 Sabinas
4 Tibarthus
14 Oberon
11 Priscas
11 Graymanes
15 Ulmers

I mean, the list goes on and on. Not one time did I even come across King Arthur or Guinevere. By the way, the heros and numbers listed are just SOME of what I got.While I know that the heros are “randomly drawn”, I’d hate to think that they’re THIS random. Is there any explanation to why I was never granted a Guinevee or even a King Arthur even after summoning all of those heros.


I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Event summons.

Please note that all heroes included in Epic Hero Summon are in the Event Summon roster as well. Each Event Summon has also a chance for a free extra summon of the Hero of the Month.

The hero you receive in a summon is selected randomly based on different probabilities depending on the rarity of the hero. Legendary heroes are very rare, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will receive one, even if you summon a great number of heroes.

Please do note that all players have equal chances for summoning, so while we acknowledge that getting a Legendary hero and/or specific hero (such as one of the Challenge Event Heroes) is definitely not easy, we also consider the system to be fair.

Best of luck with the battles and may the odds be in your favor in the future!

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Up to 145 summons without any 5 stars or HOTM. Pathetic. For people knowing poker terms I was “Full Tilt” and spent a good bit more thinking I was overdue. Terrible mistake as this scam of a game continues to deny me whilst giving alliance members Guardian Kong, Guardian Panther and Zim in single 10 summons, etc. Random is OK, low odds are OK. Taking hundreds of dollars from one customer for absolutely nothing of worth in exchange is awful. At least the ascension chests gave me 3 compasses, 2 warm capes, 2 orbs, 1 shield, 1 trap tool and 1 D.Blade… That totally makes up for 42,000 gems wasted for feeder 3 stars and 4 stars.


There was a vocal majority here on the forums saying that odds should be posted in game. After some time the odds were posted in game. It wasn’t stated explicitly that this was the reason, but It seems possible it was because it was a requested feature.

Your view: that’s a very cynical view to have for something that truly (IMO) is an improvement for the players AND wasn’t required for SG to do.

We can talk about the evils of loot boxes all day. They suck. They truly suck.

But to say odds are posted for that reason imo is false. No one was reimbursed for a pull before the odds were posted, and no one will be reimbursed after. Likely the odds are exactly the same as well.

It’s a darn good business model they have, (for them. Not for the players of course), and personally I’m very happy they posted the odds.


out of context this looks like mad luck. But this wasn’t my first pull in this Atlantis summons. I’d had no luck prior to this and the previous pull which was domitia. But like I say, it was purely luck.

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You are not alone in your thinking. Some other games do something to tilt the odds towards better outcomes with each low outcome. E.g. giving you shards towards a guaranteed good hero.

The difficulty with that approach lies in the balance between F2P and P2W accounts. If a 30x pull guarantees a 5*, that favors those who pay. It also means, with the current summons probabilities, that more 5* go into the game, and therefore I’d expect that the base odds of drawing epic and legendary heroes would be reduced, further hurting F2P accounts. It’s a balancing act.


I’m really sorry for you. Using the published odds, the chance you will fail to get a non-HOTM 5* after 120 pulls is about 5% and the chance you will fail to get a HOTM is about 20%, and the chance you will strike out completely is just under 1%. That is seriously bad luck but someone else in my alliance did that many or more and came up empty as well.

People have said there should be a bad luck limit but I don’t think SG has been considering that idea. If you had two guaranteed 4* for every 30 and a guaranteed 5* for every 60 pulls that wouldn’t be too much.


I’m so sorry you’ve had such terrible luck. Honestly, it really hurts to hear that, and even more painful to experience it personally. When you have to do well over 100 pulls just to possibly see your first 5*, event hero, what have you- is absolutely terrible. The worst part is there’s no guarantee that if you keep going, you’ll even get what you’re looking for.

I truly wish they had a pity system in place for cases like this. Yeah, it may give the paying players an edge, but it would also guarantee nothing like this would ever happen to anyone. I honestly believe the playerbase would be a lot happier (or at the very least content) than they are now. Paying players already have an edge; I think it’s time for the ones who are willing to pay occasionally, and/or the ones who are just unlucky, get something in return too.

I feel there has to be some sort of compromise that can be put in place so that: all customers are happier with their investments, SG still earns all of their money, and all players are appeased on every side of the fence (F2P-P2W). Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking, idk.

Regardless, I have to wish you luck for the future. Whether you decide to pull more or not, I hope you are given something that makes you smile soon :blush: Good luck!


So sorry for your crappy luck. Had the same problem playing legendary :sob:
Switched to this game and my luck has changed.
2 x10 pulls got some good 4s inc Wilbur , but also Zim, Azlar, mitsuko and justice.
RNG is just weird. Sending you some positive vibes for your next pull should you have a go.

Well… they are not selling heroes. They are selling in game “money” diamonds/gems. And it’s up to you what you do with them. Speed up chests, buy different packages like energy drinks or use summon portal.

I’m affraid this is what it is…

Having the odds “published” is a pretty poor defense for this kind of lame reward. Published is a pretty big stretch too.

What percentage of people that play this game do you suppose use the forums and know where to even look for the odds? I bet it’s a very small fraction of the player base.

Using this excuse in defense of their terrible odds and sneaky wording, like the “increased chance” of whatever, is very disappointing from somebody in your position. I realize you are only a moderator but it’s about as close to an official representation of the game as we get here most of the time. I would expect a little better response than just the typical, canned moderator excuse.

Hi @Prich543 I’m not really defending the situation, rather it’s an explanation that the result is not an anomaly. It may be just or unjust, but it’s not targeted or particularly unusual.

I estimate about 1%, so I put up a screenshot of the odds, in case the OP or other readers are unaware. Making an informed choice is one way to lessen disappointment.

I answer this kind of post regularly, and try to commiserate, but as a volunteer I don’t have any recourse to compensate the individual.

I’m always happy to improve, what would you consider a better way of responding?

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Kerridoc, The balance between F2P and P2W is already broken. SG broke it definitively when he started taking out 3* and 4* materials promotion for money.

Well, where I come from, telling the truth is something I’ve been raised with. I would have much more respect for your answer if it went something like this:

Wow, that’s horrible you spent that much time or money and got such horrible, or close to zero, reward. I know it’s beyond frustrating and honestly I would recommend not spending on this game until something improves. The odds are at a ridiculously low level and despite all the excitement and flash of the event offers, its just not worth your money, it all a marketing ploy. I have no authority to make this right but I will use the very limited contact with the company that I do have to try and make this situation better somehow for the customers that keep this game alive.

I’m not saying you have lied in any way and I know it’s not in your power to change anything. It would be nice to feel like you were on our side instead of just making excuses for something that’s obviously crooked and shady.

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I don’t tell people how to spend their money. They earned it, they get to make choices.

What I try to do is to make sure people know and understand what they are spending on. I also strongly encourage people to set a budget and stick to it. I have spent too much money on this game “rage summoning”. Bad idea. I’ve reformed.

But to say that everyone’s budget should be zero? Sorry, I don’t tell you what to spend, I spend a fair bit here because (a) I can afford that much, (b) I get a lot of entertainment value from this game and [c] the game costs money to produce and operate. Moreover, I’ve found a level of spending that makes my experience with the game more satisfying to me. Your circumstances and views are surely different, so you should select your budget accordingly.

I do agree that spending gems on Summons is a fairly low-value use for them. With a very tight budget, I’d spend them on little things like skipping chest waits and the occasional gems-for-goodies offers. What’s really scarce in this game is not heroes but ascension mats.


I remember when I started that I did a lot of pulls in Avalon and didn’t get any 5* stars or any event heroes. Saved some money and in the last avalon all I got was Lancelot x3.
i decided I would only spend money in Atlantis and so far i have pulled Tarlak, alby, Zeline,Athena, Mok-arr with 30 pulls each time.
I saw all Inari pictures around the forum and told my self “She’s gotta be mine” and pulled her with another 30 pulls
edit: No Khiona or Aegir but Zim x3 :roll_eyes:
Sometime my luck will run out but all pulls so far were my choice