Something a little more certain for your spend - shards?

A little unlucky, but getting 20 3* heroes in 20 draws is nothing unusual sadly.

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Well that’s exactly the point. This is not a new game and there are a plethora of high level players with 4 and 5 * heroes. When spending 2600 gems there should be an increase to the 5* along with 2 guaranteed let’s say 4*. This might even increase a person’s willing to spend the money. But if all the player is thinking about is the likelihood of getting all 3*, they are going to hesitate or decide that spending the money is not worth it. 3* are not hard to get once you get high enough so spending money does not seem worth it. A player needs to feel valued when the spend money, like any other game, if you want them to tell their friends about it.

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I suspect one of the reasons they keep coming up with super dazzling HOTMs is to keep people summoning, for truth be said, with a very few exceptions, the regular roosters of 5* are obsolete.

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Magni, Sartana, Joon, Lianna, Marjana, Azlar, Isarnia, Vivica and Justice doesnt agree with you.

Thoth, Natanya, Perseus and Mushi hides in shame.

But of course they’re introducing HotM to make money.
And of course they are going to be good, otherwise people wouldnt buy them now would they?

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I have been playing for 4 months and I spent almost $245 in the first 3 months to little for my money. I spent most on Epic hero spins and out of all that money the best I was “lucky” to get was Thorne, Guardian Kong, Delilah and Elkanen. Which upon reading I see that Thorne and G. Kong both are the worst 5* of their color with “C” ratings. I love Delilah and Elkanan’s good, I also got Sabina, Colen, Sonya, G. Jackel and Skittle 4s and the kicker out of countless Epic summons I only receive 14 out of the 25 3s but of the 14 I did receive several duplicates. So for this last month I have stopped just dumping money into the game for which is basically a stab in the dark for any descent heros and I earned 3 Epic summons coins and got Kashhnek, Scarlett and Cyprian. So I totally support a definite payout of shards or equivalent cause I would feel like I’m getting “something” for my money besides hero snacks. I’m fairly new so I got carried away and started venting I apologize


I’m intentionally bumping this old thread to revive discussion.

In another thread (complaining about low 5* drop rates) part of my reply included an extension of the idea that was started in this thread. Here it is for further discussion:

Instead of rare mats dropping outright, you collect fragments of specific mats, e.g. a Mystic Ring fragment. These trickle in much more often than a Mystic Ring. Accumulate, say, 20 shards and then you can forge them into a Mystic Ring. This approach reduces variance and creates tangible progress much more often. If every Titan dropped at least one rare mat shard, you’d never say “got nothing from the Titan”. Or you might get lucky and get five telescope shards.

This approach could also be applied to heroes. Collect 10 Sartana shards, you get a guaranteed Sartana summons. These shards could be regular loot, but they could also be given (with some odds) when you summon a 3* from the epic portal. Again, reduce randomness and frustration of getting ten 3* heroes from a 10x summons.


Sign me up for Sartana shards! Please make them frequent enough that I don’t curse the Shard Fairy…


No idea i voted on this already lol well hope that vote isnt for nothing

Or the inevitable “I’ve got 9 Sartana shards, 9 Domitia shards, 9 Obakan shards, and 9 Quintus shards. Arrgh!!!”

To clarify a point about my idea, the shard drop rates could be such that there is not a net increase in the inflow of rare mats or heroes. The average need not change. But this approach would reduce the variance considerably. It would also feel like you’re making steady progress towards a goal, rather than “oops, no tonic today. Maybe next titan.” Day after day…


I find this to be the most complete idea, and mutually beneficial idea for increasing 5* chance. It rewards even players that don’t purchase gems but earn them. Obviously slanted for those that purchase but that’s the nature of the game.
1000 gems spent=1 shard
1 shard = 0.2% increase of legendary chance
Max legendary chance 15%
Reset chance % every legendary hero drawn

I was thinking of shards as inventory items. Get a 3* from an epic summons? You have a 10% chance of getting a shard, say, a Sartana shard. Collect 10 Sartana shards, and you get Sartana.

The odds would have to be hammered out, but that was my thinking, not a gradual uptick of odds.

In a situation like that who chooses the shard character? Which characters are available? Is a hero’s shard value going to be tiered based on how many people value/request each hero?

Short answer, NO. I think that’s the first step in creating a pick your hero, pay this much environment.

I’ve been trying to think of a system that could appeal to the daily player that is an occasional/non spender, and still appeal to really advanced players/regular spenders that may have specific desires.

Most daily players that don’t spend much money, if any, are going to be stoked about anything that increases their odds of a 5* hero. Most of them would be excited for any 5* much less a specific one. At the same time when a player pulls a 5* they typically don’t want to duplicate one they already have so I can see how choosing would be enticing.

I understand, and most players need to understand that it’s a gamble. Their luck could be finding the losing slot every time they go to the casino. It’s called “epic hero summon”. Should there really be a consolation prize for getting epic heros??? People that spend hundreds, or more, think that there should be. They do so in the same context that casino goers expect kick backs for gambling in said casino. Win or lose they want perks.

Current legendary odds are 2.5, epic 26.5, in the elemental summon. The seasonal/event/epic summon odds change a bit but is relatively similar. Let’s evaluate how to creep the odds of getting a legendary hero in a way that salves the disappointment of drawing 10 rare, or 1 epic and 0 legendary but keeps the low odds identity. Perhaps for every rare hero that gets drawn a player will receive 2 shards, for every epic hero they receive .5 shard. The next time they summon the legendary odds increase while the rare and epic decrease: 0.1% per shard at a 4:1 ratio. 5 shards is equal to 0.5% increase of legendary, while decreasing rare 0.4 and epic 0.1. Not sure the math plays out with a really large amount but it could be calculated with something similar. Before summoning the player can elect use shards or not. If a legendary hero is drawn shards reset to 0 if not shards are awarded. Players waiting for limited release can save until the next time they’re available and summon with increased odds.

I can see the temptation in making a hero specific reward. So that a player is inching towards one thing they really want. At that point why not just put up a for sale section and sell each hero. Legendary heros that only come up every now and then should continue to do so. A casino will never say if you sit here and spend enough you are gauranteed a jackpot. Why should you?

When evaluating a reward based system I can see your guys’ dilemma in trying not to create a completely pay to win atmosphere, while continuing to be lucrative to those that spend. I don’t spend hundreds on the game, so any benefit for me is going to accrue over time. There are so many potential ways to design a system and realistically if you end up with a 50-70% satisfaction rate you’ve succeeded tremendously. I would like to see something that (foot in mouth), maintains the integrity of the low odds system.

It would be really easy to go the way of open market and say the person that has enough money can purchase anything they want. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

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I didn’t read your suggestion clearly. I’m sorry about the novel of the email, if you muddled through it.
I think you have a decent scenario that lends itself to more of a luck than pay to win mentality. Odds could get hammered out, refining which characters, and how they’re selected, etc. I do like the concept.

I was envisioning a truly random shard.

Roll check: award shard? Yes/no
Shard awarded?
Roll check: special shard (past HotM)?
If special, choose random shard from past HotM
If not special, choose random Classic 5* hero to award shard.

So my proposal is still completely RNG but occur more frequently so there’s a sense of progress.

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Great idea!! 20 characters of love and hope this happens

A truly great idea.

Would a higher frequency for said hero shards to appear in the Heroes Chest be feasible as well?

It would make raiding more rewarding, as well as increase participation, but I guess a limitation will have to be imposed. For example, guaranteed shards will drop twice daily from the Heroes chests, thus limiting the number of flasks utilised for shard farming.

Sure, any place where you currently have a token chance could have hero shards drop instead.

@Kerridoc, Re. Your comment that the odds might need to be massaged.

At a 10% chance per 3*:

The average time to draw a random shard is then 10 3* pulls. Since there are 16 S1 heroes, your odds of getting any particular shard is 6.25% of shard draws.

That means that the expected number of draws to complete a single 5* is 1600 draws. That seems way too many.

I’d offer this amendment:

  1. Shards are not hero-specific. You can trade in 10 shards for any S1 5* you want
  2. Every 3* summon gives a 23.5% chance of getting a shard. That means, on average, you get a shard every 6 draws or so (71% chance of a 3*, so the average draw gives a 16.7% chance of producing a shard). You can thus select a S1 5* on average every 60 draws. At a penny a gem, that means you get to select a 5* for every $150 spent on average.

Assuming a (very achievable) average about 300 free gems a month, that means the F2P players will average an extra free 5* a year. Hardly a game-breaker.


I like the choose your own hero only for regular heroes, not for HOTM.

Those are rare, have always been rare. And should remain rare.

If it is possible to get, say, 10 Athena shards, hooray, you won an Athena! But I don’t think you should be able to get ten Thorne shards and select an Athena instead.

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I totally agree. I was operating on the assumption that SGG wouldn’t be willing to shard out HOTM. But if they do, it would be nice to have the HOTM as something special.

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