Summoning Ninja/Styx/Magic troops (+HA for troops?)

It is really frustrating that because of the all new events (and legendary troops) it suddenly become impossible to get, e.g., ninja troops. I am still missing some elements, and would really like to get those for fast snipers. I have 130 ETTs waiting for Ninja (and maybe Styx/Magic) troop summons.

As there now already are different summoning portals without corresponding events (or portals that occur at different times than the events for tokens), what prevents SGG from putting up montlhy troop summon regardless of whether there is room for tower event? I really miss the predictability of old days.

Also, probably couple of years back SGG all but promised in ask me anything -threads that they would consider changing HA for troops to produce “special” troops just like HA10 is giving other than classical heroes at 10% chance or so. (1% for me though.)

So: Give us regular troops summons, PRETTY PLEASE! And also consider the change for HA. But above all, please bring ninja troop summons back, like now :joy:


Honestly I do not understand why SGG cannot give us all troop summons regularly. Now AGAIN legendary troop portal, wtf. If I looked correctly we have not had ninja troop summon since summer 2023.


They should. But they wont. They want us buying five stars. I’d be happy getting a handful of the tower 4 stars leveled up.

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Yeah, I wish they would just announce they are retired or hold a tower. I’ve been saving tokens and would use them if they arent coming back.

No one needs Ninja troops - Legendary troops are much better. Use your EHTs in standard troop portal, level a 4* troop to lvl. 26 and convert it into a Legendary. HA9 is a waste of ressources.

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But you can’t always convert troops, because of the cooldown.

Everyone would do this if they made if clear that those troop summons are never coming back. Instead we’re all sitting on our tokens and not investing in 5* troops as much.

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Leveling a troop to 26 just to covert to level 1 and then have to level that troop to 30 seems like a waste of resources.

I will only level a 5* troop if I get one free from the portal. Otherwise I will stick to my 4* troops

Thats like fighting a battle tank with a shotgun.
Leveling 5* troops is easier than leveling 4* troops.

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So what?
We needed years to finish one set of 4* lvl. 30 rainbow troops.
Now waiting 5 months to convert one set does not really matter.

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My long term aim is to have about 3 good troops for an element. Doing that with legendary troops is quite detached from my reality, even being ex-whale.

Also, epic troops have their good sides also. I admit that probably legendary troops are very good as a total package (especially if one manages to match classes), but especially Ninja/Styx/Magic troops are quite competitive for important matters. (And any mana boosting epic troop also brings average mana speed down to 9 tiles without limiting emblem path, which legendary troops do not do.)

But maybe my most important point is still that it is just too far fetched to get and level up enough legendary troops to get 3-2 or even mono teams in order. What I think is reasonable (for time being) is having level 29 mana (good mana and OK attack), high level ninja (excellent attack) and some other at least 12% mana boosting troop for every element. That is doable in long term and gives nice results.


Have a look,

My troops after 4 years ftp.

The framed troops ( level 27/28 mana troops) will be converted in the next weeks.

That would leave me with at least a level 29 magic or level 27 styx troop, a level 17 and a lvl 11 mana troop in every color, and of course, one Legendary in every color.
The 11% mana generation of a Legendary troop are sufficient ti get the mana breakpoint of following heroes:

  • any average hero with 2% or better mana talent node emblemed.
  • any Very Fast hero
  • any fast hero with full costume bonus or a 4% mana talent node emblemed.

That’s a lot of heroes, add the possibility of a 5% bard bonus or elemental link or other mana boni and you can use a 5* troop on nearly any fast heroes.
For the other heroes and events, I keep the before mentioned 4* mana generating troops. I have an additional lvl.5 mana troop in every color too. They are not in the picture. They are sufficient to get to the mana breakpoint of most costumed average heroes. I think we will see a kind of lb for troops next year.
Getting to 13% mana at level 40 and I think to 15% at lvl. 50.
If they allow 5* troops in events and tourneys. I will convert them all except one lvl. 29 magic troop in every color for the few slow heroes. Usually I do not level slow ones. I think I have done 4 over the last years…
To make the most out of the cooldown time between two conversions, its good to start as fast as possible to convert troops.

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