Feeder troops

I’m always short and a couple of colors are at a dead standstill trying to get a set of level 23 mana troops (or equivalent levels in magic troops).

What’s the most efficient way to gain feeder troops? Are there any particularly good farming stages? What combination of hero academy training? Anything else?

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I never use gems for heroe summons but from time to time I’m doing a 10 troop summon

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Trainer Troops would be helpful. Unfortunately those are mainly paywalled but you can get some from MV or loot. The 1* variety, still useful to close up some gaps.

Farming daily for recruits and CM generally garners some feeder troops too. Hopefully they are in the colour you require.

Otherwise, save your ETTs for Tower Troop portals : Ninja, Magic or upcoming Styx towers. Higher chance for a 4* plus you may get lucky on those tower troops.

As for HA, I run levels 3 and 5 for 2/3* feeder troops. Slow going but they help.