Struggling with raids

I don’t raid a lot but to fill a chest I now and again make an attempt. I must admit I am really struggling with it. Even players far below me are able to beat me. My team left from right are: Hawkmoon(talentgrid 6), Little John, Grimm(talentgrid 2, Balthazar(talentgrid 7) and Melia(talent grid 3). I put in the heroes I have.

Any tips would be helpful

Some of the best advice I’ve read is written in this guide:

Thank you. That was the info I was looking for. Will read it a few times and take it to heart.

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Other supplementary guides I’ve studied are these:

I dont read guides much but my suggestion is to stack all 5 of the same colors even if some of your heroes are at 1/1.

You seem better with yellow and blue heroes and maybe purple

So please look for opponents that has red or purple tanks or yellow tanks.

Use 5 of the same color that the opposing tank is weak against. This would give you a fighting chance at winning a raid.

As for defense, all I can say is for you to slowly work on upgrading your heroes.


I will keep this in mind. Having said that, I only have Grimm and Little John maxed. Sartana is waiting for the mats as is Hu Tao and I pulled Willbur and Gormek from my tc 20 this week. I do keep getting the advice not to use the same colour but a rainbow team. I will experiment with it though and see how it suits me.

If I would use the same colours I would go for Grimm, Gunnar, Belith, Little John and Bane/Melia?
Also, I presume you use the same team for defence?

Same color. Dont bother mixing in my opinion.

Some like to do 3-2. I like doing it 5-0.

Thanks… experimenting it is then.

I see that you have 4 almost maxed 3* reds.
Add Wilbur to it and focus on upping him for now.

Try hunting teams with green tanks only. I am sure you can find those with less difficulty.

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When you’re first starting out you want to concentrate on building the best defense and attack teams. It takes a long time to build a deep enough bench to do colour stacking, in an effective way.

Study the guides and tuck the information regarding colour stacking in the back of your mind, for use at a later date.

I always let more knowledgeable players advise about the best heroes to use. I’m still listening and learning myself.

Keep asking questions, the community will help you!

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No, you don’t want to use the same team for defense. Some heroes excel on attack, others on defense. Some heroes have special abilities that are much more devastating on attack, or that require more finesse to use than the AI can provide.

Ideally, once you have a few heroes in each color leveled (even 3*), you’ll be able to tailor your attacking team to counter your opponent’s strength and exploit their weaknesses

Some say to use a rainbow team and others say to use the same colour…

And both are right…depends on roster imo.

Problem with your team is “slow is death”. In no particular order I like Balthazar, Belith ( only because healer), Gato, Nashgar and Hu Tao.

Hu is slow, but a 4* at the level you have him is much more powerful. And, it finishes a rainbow team.

If you want to try color stacking, a hu tao center flanked by Balthazar and Tyrum with Melia and Gan Ju wings might be fun. It is, also, very board dependent.

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I am fond of a rainbow defense, but I almost never attack with a rainbow. Color stacking on defense invites your opponent to stack strong colors against you, and the attacker has enough advantages without handing them any more.

On offense, however, I prefer to stack colors to take advantage of both increased tile damage and simultaneous special abilities. If you stack same speed heroes of the same color, their special abilities will be charged at the same time. This can lead to some pretty devastating combinations. For example, Kiril (heal, + attack, + defense), followed by Grimm (- defense), followed by Sonya. Grimm’s damage will be boosted thanks to Kiril, and Sonya will be even further boosted thanks to Grimm.


I have made a change in my def team and I am using diferent heroes depending on my opponent and I am pleasantly surprised at my winning raids more then I am loosing. Thank you all for the advice, it has been a great help… * hugs*


OK. Good question. You’re doing well. Raids are a bear.

Only in defense you’ll want a healer like Hawkmoon. (I prefer two healers on my defense team - NOT placed together.)

Only in high level raids might you need a healer on the offense team.

I put the highest level hero I have in front & center for both offense & defense.

Now specifically for raids.

They’re very frustrating.

I don’t raid anyone with more than one healer.

I don’t raid anyone with more than one counterattacker.

I rarely raid anyone with a potential win:lose ratio (cups) of >40s:<20s. I try for a win:lose ratio of 30s:20s.

[The higher the first number in the win:lose ratio the harder the game will be.]

I don’t raid anyone with more than two high level heros. in my case high level is anyone over 600.

I try to avoid raiding anyone with two or more heros WITH TALENTS.

There’s never a sure thing with the raids. They’re rigged.

I think one of the factors is how much real money you have spent on the game but that is an unproven theory at this point.

Once in a while I will go for a low potential win (with high potential loss). I still can lose those and it is very frustrating.

Hope this helps.

Good luck