Steelworkers are looking to refill ranks

We have a very active core group of players, most of whom are 3000+ team power. We’ve had a few people drop recently and are hoping to fill the spots back up. We’d like to find people with 2500+ team power (negotiable) to come join our little family of oddballs.

We’re generally able to handle 6* titans with just the 20 or so active folk. We’d like to get back to killing 7* titans and eventually to 8* titans.

We value stability and growth, i.e. someone who’s looking to stay for a while and is active and working on developing their heroes quickly. We like to socialize and have a Discord channel set up as well. Feel free to contact me on Line at bdg247 or Discord at BD#4031 if you’re interested, or just go ahead and search for Steelworkers in-game and request to join if you meet the requirements.

Steelworkers unite!

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