Start leveling 4* green crit troop vs. Cont mana troop

I have a 4* mana green at level 11. I have enough troops to get my new green level to similar or should i stick out my leveling the mana troop. Thoughts?

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Level 11 mana troops is only good for “Very fast” mana (from 6,5 to only 6 tiles!).
Real help comes on levels 17, 23 and 29 (which is impossible for most F2P players).

So I suggest to continue to at least level 17 (improvement to slow mana, from 12 to 11) and then decide whether continue mana or start crit troops.

Starting new 4* crit troops isn’t bad idea neither, because every point in crit counts!

See more info here: Number of Tiles (Regular vs Ghost Tiles) Required to Activate Mana (based on Mana Speed)

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