Soul Marauders looking for players who enjoy playing and progressing but who also have a life outside the game!

We are a small guild who has gone through a downsizing transition and want to start Growing again and taking on stronger titans and bring our war win % up. To do this we need players who are willing to hit titans and fight in wars but not to the detriment of their real life.
Our rules are simple.
1)Good communication when you cannot hit titans because of jobs and life circumstances without the drama of being threatened to get booted from the alliance
2) Enjoy playing the game and being part of something that is progressing.
3) Love to progress as a player and grow your strength and teams. (At your pace and no need to break the bank doing it!)
4) Enjoy seeing an alliance grow in titan strength and wars.
5) Understand that this is a game and that we all have real lives outside this game
If that’s you come and join us!
We are open recruitment and when you join just post in alliance chat that you saw this post and agree with our rules.
Look us up and join, Soul Marauders.

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Your alliance sounds a lot like mine, although I think we’re more relaxed about titans. The people who want to hit the titans do and we don’t really talk about it much unless one is almost dead and just needs a little help.

Sounds awesome Zesty. We have been whittled down to 7 players now, that’s the only reason we need titan hits or we will never get them down. How many players in your alliance?

Hello osrudolph !
This sounds like you would be perfect fit for us in terms of philosophy, level and game approach Git Your Rage On!
We have exactly 7 spots open now, I was just checking you out - it would be great match.

We have gone through successful 2 merges operation already, we know well how to welcome and accommodate new members, so they feel well.

Are you using discord or line id communicators, so we can talk directly (?)

Please check us out, contact me and let’s make it happen, it would be really great,
Tommy (Sire)

Please add or invite me

Hey Trevor. Search for Soul Marauders in the alliance search - leader (Orrin) and click join. Would love to have you on our team.

We’ve got 14 right now. We’ve got the space if you’re interested.

Hey there, I’m a co-leader with @TommySire in @GitYourRageOn, I second Tommy in that you all sound like a great fit if you’d be interested in a merger. Please let me know, I’d be happy to discuss further.

Thank you. I need to run it through out alliance and if they are interested in it. I’ll get back to you to talk the finer details.–

Hi Tommysire

I am passing it through our alliance now. We like to vote as we like everyone to have a fair say in our alliance. We should know by tomorrow or maybe earlier, if that is okay with you. If the vote is yes, myself and my co-leader would like to discuss the finer details.

Sounds great! Just keep us posted, we’d be happy to discuss further.

Hey TommySire

We voted last night and everyone is on board to start the transition towards merger. Myself and my Co-leader would like to chats with your leadership so we can get some clarifications on a few things like our roll in the the merged alliance etc. How would you like to proceed?

We are good to go, just want to chat with your leadership team about rolls and transition etc

Simply great news Osrudolph !
We can chat via discord communicator as me and Luci have accounts there (LuciV and Tommy Sire).
Another option is that you join us or 1 or 2 of your leaders and we chat directly at our alliance.
Let us know,

PS. I have also Line Id communicator account active (Tommy Sire) or please feel free to propose communicator of your choice, looking forward to our conversation, Tommy
PS1. I am representing our Crew and have full trust in talking on behalf of our whole team. I will share and explain more details when we will chat directly. Please rest also assured that you and your members will be fully respected.

Hello, I am leader of Freelandia. 3y old Alliance. We are looking for a group of dedicated players. Please have a look at us and join for better loot from titans. No drama.

Hi Tommy

Tried to put your name in discord but needed a code after your name. Not sure what to do?

Well, just typing my nick Tommy Sire should be good enough, not sure about this code request. Please tell me what is your nick name overthere, I will try to search from my side, speak soon :slight_smile:, Tommy

Ps. Perhaps #6840 could work

My name over there is Osrudolph#4106

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