Mid size casual alliance seeking 1-2 members

I’m looking for a couple of new members for Yellia’s Prison. We have 14 members currently, most war defenses in the 3500-4100 range.

War is use your flags or opt out. No requirements for numbers and colors of heroes. All we ask is you do your best with whatever you have. An occasional missed war won’t get you kicked out, we understand sometimes life happens. Just don’t make a habit of unused flags, we really aim for 100% used.

Titans are optional. 2/3-3/4 of us hit them regularly, we’re killing 5* and 6* titans.

Chat is minimal, but not discouraged. Most days have 0-10 messages, some days there’s 50-100 on there. We’re friendly but pretty relaxed.

Activity is let us know if you need to be gone for a while. If work is going to be super busy for a few weeks or you’re going on vacation or something, no problem as long as we get a heads up and you opt out of war. If you vanish without saying anything, the 1 week mark is about when we get tired of wondering if you’re never coming back and give you the boot.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, look us up and request to join :smile:

Still looking for a few new players. Come check us out!

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